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6/29/2007 c12 41AlhanaStarbreeze99
The plot thickens. The very unhappy love birds are now married. So the questions are still piling up for me... which is just a sign of such a great fic as it's making me think! Does Crookshanks (part Kneazle) like Snape? Will Hermione have to meet Momma Snape? Does Hermoine's parents know that she got hitched? So many more questions, and all I can do is implore you to WRITE FAST!
6/29/2007 c12 4Fire Daughter
nice start...wonder how things will turn out...who kills who first...?
6/29/2007 c12 Amar 2
Great, I can`t wait for the next chapter. My, my, poor little Hermione.
6/29/2007 c12 Silverfalcon
OMG This is one of the best stories I have read. You keep Snape in character and you reflect Hermione's emotions very well. Keep up the good work and I hope you update soon!
6/29/2007 c12 2NairobiDawn
They are finally married! Excellent job! I hope to read the wedding night soon! :)
6/29/2007 c12 Phantom's Allure
aw poor Hermione. Bad Sevvy, bad! Be nicer *whacks severus on the head* lol Great chappy
6/29/2007 c12 1GoodbyeYBR
Intense chapter! Keep up the good work.
6/29/2007 c12 GlobalDisaster
This is a really great story! you did the whole arranged marriage thing really well and made it stand even though there are tons of arranged marriage fanfics out there. i cant wait for the next chapter, please update soon!
6/29/2007 c12 princessa leigh
yes! wedding! it's done! yay... now update- i can't wait to see what's next...

shirley and neville are cute together- htanks for including them as a side-plot.

i love how snape and hermione are both so in character. you write so well! keep up the good work!


xoox princessa leigh
6/29/2007 c12 kari
lovely wedding location for neville. my husband and i got married in gretna green last year and we actually stayed at the greenlaw! i can't wait for the next chappie.
6/29/2007 c12 Heidi191976
Again this story just keeps getting better and better. I still hope that Snape actually falls in love with her.
6/29/2007 c12 SK
just to let you know, while I think there are some logic flaws, I did keep reading your fic. I'm not sure if I'll keep on with it, but you have done some things other MLC fics haven't, and that's refreshing.
6/29/2007 c12 Nadrek
So, why did Severus not have an antidote to the Binding potion for them to take?
6/29/2007 c12 2dizzynetbookgirl
Lei-cha and SK: Admittedly, I know these things-but it's just fan fiction. You know, for fun.
6/29/2007 c2 SK
well, you've set yourself up a problem, haven't you? All pure and part-blood's to married muggleborns, and all of them reproduce two children in three years? First, there would never be enough muggleborns (and so save wizarding world they would never agree to other creatures - defines common sense. Again, there is no way a politician would agree to all these births at one time - it would create a population bubble that was unsustainable, and they would not be able to look after the babies then children (school etc) for such a massive pop explosion. You're writing is not bad, but the premise just doesn't work.

If I had written this, at least make it mixed blood over a certain age (say, 35 to capture Snape) and have the marriages batched over a certain period of time - X many per year - and HG gets put in the first batch.
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