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10/7/2007 c16 Sacra
What can I say? I really, really liked this fanfiction. I've been hoping you would update it again like you used to do. I'm a bit dissapointed, your story was a fun read! One of the best I've read, no doubt about that.

Good luck with your real life though and who knows, you might come back on your descission soon - hopefully. ;)
10/6/2007 c15 Darque Hart
OK, now I've actually read all the story you have up. I don't see that much wrong with what you've written so far.

I had kind of wondered if the rat that Crooks devoured in ch. 14 had been Pettigrew! Not only was poor abused Crooks very hungry, but he would delight in coming across Scabbers again. In fact, after that I had wondered if that was why Snape was summoned, but then he came back broken, so I guess it was something else.

It's a good story ... maybe just needs a little more of a definite direction. You seem to be wondering a bit.

And about the chapter titles - don't worry about it! No one reads chapter titles! [Or poems, or song lyrics...]
10/6/2007 c16 Fleab
that's a shame, as this is one of the only intelligently written SSHG on
10/6/2007 c16 booalvogue
I hope you find your inspiration soon because I really enjoy your story...
10/6/2007 c16 Darque Hart
Just my luck to find and start reading a story that the author is dumping off!
10/5/2007 c16 7fahzzyquill
aw, ok, i understand. hopefully you find inspiration son (and time), but if not, i'll be waiting for when you do!
10/5/2007 c16 selmak
It was like Christmas, you know, when I saw the alert that you had updated the story. Then, to my horror, my cool Christmas pressie turned into a huge box of underwear and new socks.

Seriously, I understand the reasons why you've decided to put this story on hold, but I do hope that one day your muse will return, as this story is quite good.
10/5/2007 c16 23whitehound
Well, I hope you will go on with it eventually: it's very well-written.
10/5/2007 c14 whitehound
Well, it's a start that he let her help him.

Britpick - food doesn't come in large paper bags here, except in very poish delicatessans. It comes in plastic bags.

(That is, you might get a pound of apples or a handful of sweeties in a paper bag, but the large bag that your shopping as a whole goes into is always plastic.)
10/5/2007 c16 1amsev
Hi, there - just wanted to say that I know muses are fickle creatures, but do keep this story in mind when you next feel the need to write. I've enjoyed it thus far and look forward to reading more. (am looking forward to see what happens between Hermione and the uncompromising Severus)
10/4/2007 c15 What the hell
It's been two months! POST MORE! fdksfjskdfksjkffsdkl
10/4/2007 c15 8Alaura Fairfield
This is really splendidly written. I hope that you intend to continue it; I'm dying to know what happens next! Lovely work!
9/29/2007 c8 selmak
Will you be updating soon? *pitiful look*
9/19/2007 c12 Shadolily
that would suck hard core. love this story! update!
9/18/2007 c8 Shadolily
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