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9/14/2007 c15 CAT
9/9/2007 c15 mmm
oh my... you haven't updated, i'm so sad :*( PLEASEE PLEASEE PLEASEE WILL YOU WRITE US ANOTHER CHAPTER? whatever happened to those good ol' days when we got a new one every week...
8/31/2007 c15 65jafarjasmineforever2005
It is good keep it up!
8/29/2007 c15 HT
it's been AGES since you last updated and i thought i would get back from holiday and have like 4 chapters to read, but alas no... :*( PLEASEE WILL YOU UPDATE! i hope you

don't give up on the story!
8/19/2007 c15 arwen78
One of the best, if not the best, Marriage Law Challenge stories I've read. I just encountered your story today and read all 15 chapter straight away. Looking forward to an update!

Well done!
8/12/2007 c15 autolux
Wonderful chapter, and I really have no criticism of this chapter. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next!
8/12/2007 c2 schimo

8/11/2007 c15 5Jenny2007
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed before. My internet just got fast enough to allow me to review. I've reading this fanfic since you started it and i really like it. Please update soon!
8/10/2007 c15 NationFelineDevereaux
Honestly, this may be one of my favorite Harry Potter stories. I am an avid Snape/Hermione shipper, and this is perfect. I don't think your Snape could be any closer to the book's or the movie's. I actually cannot WAIT for this to be update, and would be VERY grateful if you'd do so soon.

Like I said, many of us are on hand and foot waiting for an update. Take that into consideration. :]

Oh, and sorry. I was a bit too lazy to log in.

Over-all [done in fan-girl tongue]: LYKE OMGZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE SON!1!1
8/9/2007 c15 1sunbathing penguins
just wanted to send you a review saying how much i am enjoying this story. I have been obsessed, reading whenever i could. There has been some inconsistencies (sp?), i think hermionie should have put up more of a fight, but i understand that that would have taken s-o-o-o-o much longer and i'm glad to be on track of the story. I hope you update soon, i'm looking forward to it!
8/7/2007 c15 Cat

I love this fic! very stick to the character! love it
8/7/2007 c15 5Draculaluvsamy
please right more as this is really good!
8/6/2007 c15 Sacra
Oh you made me curious now, why did Mrs. Weasley ask about the potion thing? Please update soon, it's still very good!
8/6/2007 c15 Danielle
My god, poor Hermione, and Crookshanks! Please update soon! I really am interested in reading more. Oh and can you shed some light on that potion Severus gave hermione, still a little confused about it.
8/6/2007 c13 Danielle
This is one of the darkest and most creepy I have ever seen snape in a marriage fic. It is very compelling. I can feel my skin crawl and my heart beat faster with fear in accordance with hermione's predicament.
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