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2/7/2018 c8 Alex
Love this chapter ! Can’t wait to
It’s true that we can see a difference in writtig even though tmyour previous way of writting was perfectly fine to me
2/6/2018 c2 Alex
I'm already laughing at the " no more than 6/7 chapters guys ! " bit hahaaa
Great story, I'm amazed at how LITTLE ff12 stories there is out there and especially how little for this pairing which is one of the most obvious one to me O.O
Thanks for this !
12/16/2013 c21 2Katnipkity
I'm completely in-love with this story. As a girl, I'm usually not really drawn to male-on-male fanfiction because I find that I have a hard time relating to the situation, but somehow you managed to keep me glued to this story from the very first chapter.

And quite honestly, very impressed with your ability to keep each personality in-character, and I simply couldn't distinguish canonical scenes in the game, from the ones you've created for your story. Which is quite commendable. It's difficult enough to write dialogue for characters who speak modern english, never mind old english. But you did it so seamlessly that I can't help but envy you. A relatively simply line in the 3rd chapter from Larsa; "You really do think I look foolish in this affair! You do not say so, but your eyes do tell!" stuck with me for some reason, and I couldn't help but giggle at poor Larsa's stress.

I also enjoyed the fact that you decided to slowly develop the relationship between Gabranth and Larsa, which made the sexual tension all more the exciting. And I also applaud your ability to narrate the mature scenes in a way that doesn't come off lewd, but rather romantic and classy. I'm also happy that you did decide for them to make love in Chapter 20, it was very much needed to break all the crazy sexual build up. Poor Gabranth! He's a full grown man with needs! lol

In the end, thank you for writing this. I stayed up half the night reading the story on my phone (My boyfriend wasn't too happy about it!) but you kept me reading chapter after chapter. 3
6/10/2013 c21 1Izumi Hamasaki
Let me start by saying, I know this story was finished a long time ago, but I just read it. I have to say that this story is one of the most amazing I have ever read. It made me laugh, cry, and seethe with anger; a feat better said than done. You are an amazing writer, and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing and sharing this beautiful story!
Chitsuki Takai
3/16/2013 c21 5Laura-chanKHRFangirl
Wow, a really amazing fanfic.
It's very well written and it was really nice to read. (:
I really like this fanfic. (:
7/11/2012 c12 Anon
I just love this chapter. I can read it again and again. (Sry for my English, I am not a native speaker, or how do you call it). Really good job :).
7/2/2012 c20 Guest
I love love love this story, but xDD why does everyone keep thinking that Gabranth has blue eyes? even though Basch and Gabranth are twins, Basch has blue eyes but Gabranth doesn't, his eyes are hazel, it's even writen on Final Fantasy Wiki
5/9/2012 c21 Lyn Lake
What a beautiful story. I loved it so very much!

The epilogue with the whole Goddess Ring plot brought me to tears.

I can't wait to read any future fics you will write.

2/3/2012 c21 Dark Uzumaki 93
I loved this fic it was so awesome. So great I feel like reading it all over again
11/19/2011 c21 Cela Aerecura
I can't believe it took me this long to finish reading this fic, but FINALLY (although it is a little sad as well), I'm here. I kind of started at the beginning a few times because I wanted to read the whole thing in one sitting, which.. turned out to not be so easy. Now, though. I've read it all, and I still think this is wonderful, and all the squeeing and crying and all the FEELINGS I had while reading this. I'm kind of at a loss of words, because SO MANY FEELINGS, but this was really great, and I am so glad that you continued writing it.

And I will probably reread this thing a hundred times in the future, so, yes. I look forward to that. :D
9/9/2011 c20 GrimCharmer
awww its over huhuh thank you very much for this wonderful story ^_^
9/8/2011 c20 3windy nights
Coming home from school to two chapter updates? It's safe to say that I was the happiest person in the world. It was worth saving it as the last thing I did after homework - your writing is always a pleasure to read. I know I've said this before, but your characterization is /spot-on/. I love it; it's one of the many reasons why I adore this story. Also, the foreshadowing with the mother's marriage ring, I grinned throughout it.

I felt like the jousting event was very well written! It's difficult to capture an action filled scene (in my opinion), and you did a magnificent job with it. I was at my seat with it the entire time after Basch's remark. That, by the way, was very a very nice detail to add. It was humorous. The itty bitty pieces of comedy spread about this fiction is just the right amount without making it seem ... silly or cheesy. Well done.

I could go on about what I love about your writing and this fanfiction, but I'll end it with the last sentence in chapter 20. "In Larsa's embrace, Gabranth was finally home."

That tugged at my heart. It was heartwarming and knowing that Gabranth and Larsa both have their happy ending - it's so tooth-achingly sweet (in a good way, though!). After all they had went through, after all that Gabranth has went through, it felt like .. a really good way to end it. Truly brought a smile on my face after reading that line. Short, sweet, and to the point.

I'm sad that this is soon coming to a close, but it was a pleasure to read. I can't wait for the epilogue!
9/6/2011 c18 GrimCharmer
2 chapters update weeeeeee ^_^
9/4/2011 c18 Hero
Oh dear, oh dear! I shed a few tears reading this chapter. I adored the flashbacks. The flashbacks were what really tugged at my heartstrings. It was wonderfully written; I love how you write their speech! You keep characters and the way they talk very in character and I love it. I truly believe that from chapter one to this chapter, your writing has improved greatly. It's a treat to read.

I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/28/2011 c17 4Zyloa

Ouh, I think I've never reviewed your story, shame on me!

So, I loved it. I loved the way you wrote, how you described the emotions and all! It was beautiful.

And this chapter was, argh! Hopefuly we already know that you won't make Gabranth die!

So, I'm waiting impatiently for the next chapter!

Thanks a lot for this story,

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