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for The Misadventures of Izzy and Carrie

7/2/2012 c23 Guest
Oh goodness nyan, too much slex just kidding :D
7/2/2012 c22 Guest
Loved it! Nyan! He is... EVIL
8/11/2008 c20 14Kairi's-twin
I think Death is a little funny. I wonder what Dracula will think of this. Dracula is a creeper seriously I thought he was after Izzy not Carrie. the dude needs to make up hi mind. I really like Izzy and I am glad that she is not dead she is the smart one it seems. I liked the joke about Drac's pony tail that was good.

So is death in the real world now? I so is that a bad thing? I think he sounds absolutely adorable. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

8/7/2008 c19 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I think she will. Update soon. I will be leaving for England Sunday. I will keep in touch. Hreat job with your writing

8/5/2008 c18 14Kairi's-twin
The plot thickens even more. So Dracula wants Izzy but he is making her fell guilty for Molina's death. so I am guessing that he is not in love with her just obsessed and lusting after her. I find it a little disconcerting that Carrie is so calm about this. Poor poor Izzy it is so totally not her fault. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

8/4/2008 c18 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love it. Update soon.

7/14/2008 c17 14Kairi's-twin
Wow! that was a very depressing chapter. What a sleezy way to trick her! What is going to happen when Carrie and Izzy wake up? What will they think? pLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I just thought of something else... What will Dracula do now that he is in his solid human form again?

7/11/2008 c17 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love it. Great job Ams.

6/27/2008 c16 14Kairi's-twin
wow that was not at all creepy... note sarcasm. So basically Dracula is guiding them tp free Lucifer from hell? Crap that is soo not good. The writting is a bit choppy in places just something you may want to look into but over all it is a great story so far. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

6/18/2008 c15 Kairi's-twin
Wow dude this just gets darker and darker... so did he turn her or what? I like the line about Winnie the Pooh. PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

4/18/2008 c14 Kairi's-twin
hm... that was an interesting pair of encounters.I have just one question this stroy says it is a romance... so where is it I can't exactly see Izzy falling forthe guy who kidnapped her family and I don't see Carrie falling for the guy who tried to make her kill her friend. Ilike the hag she is super cool! I would like to go into a stor like that someday just to see what kind of stuff is in there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON this chapter was great!

4/18/2008 c14 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. i love it. up date soon.

4/13/2008 c13 14Kairi's-twin
OMG! He tried to make Carrie stab Izzy! WTF is wrong with him? This story just keeps getting more and more messed up! I like the writting but seriously Drac has some major issues. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

4/12/2008 c13 29Ron's Sweetie
Great new chapter. I love it. Update soon.

3/25/2008 c12 14Kairi's-twin
Wow Dracula is tres creepy in this seriously... I mean I've said it before but geez! So is it Izzy that he is annoyed with or is it Carrie? I hope you UPDATE SOON! I so BADLY want to know what will happen!

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