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9/25/2008 c6 1sierra's scarlet
Wow. You don't go for the easy writes do you? This piece really makes me contemplate the sense of touch and how much I use it (not in the dirty way mind), but just how hard it must be to feel nothing at all. You do a great job of creating the reality of a hopeless mindset. Are you close to someone who is partially paralyzed? This is certainly good enough to seem that way.
6/25/2008 c6 dristi
hi, the story was wonderful and the quotes were just perfect!
12/20/2007 c6 werewolfsfan
Great story! Well written and intriging.
10/19/2007 c6 30Shadow Cat17
This is such a wonderful story! Extremely well written.
6/10/2007 c6 Talon
I loved this story...I had been wondering if anyone did a 'sirius back through the veil' thing and I was happy to come across this one. While of course I love fairy tale endings (sirius walking!) I thought this was very believable and cool ending and I was so happy they finally were on the normal track again by the end. Great job!
6/9/2007 c6 Illyra
Hey! I´m so happy that you posted it on I´ve read it on SBRL last year and I liked it a lot! It´s really good, especially Remus´ reaction. That he´s just happy to have him back. Sirius´problems are well written, too. His feelings of uselessnes, his drinking problems, etc. It´s a perfect mixture of humour (Tonks first assault), drama and a happy end. (I love happy ends.)
6/5/2007 c1 firesnake or snakelights
This story is excellent!

May I reccomend you get a livejournal and put it at


I think you'll find them being more receptive to such a peice.
6/3/2007 c6 13rekahneko

Sirius has finally accepted his life and he and Remus can get back to being all cute and happy.


I love how Harry is able to be with them (grr Mrs. Weasley) and mediate, encourage, help out, and butt out when the occassion calls for it.

6/3/2007 c4 rekahneko
I like how you use Kingsley and Tonks, showing both positive and negative relationships that Remus has other than with Sirius. Too often I read something where the only person Remus has is Sirius. In this case, he has chosen Sirius, not just that he is the only person around.
6/3/2007 c3 rekahneko
A very good job on showing Sirius' frustration with events and how he feels so powerless about everything going on around him.

Very emotional!


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