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1/18/2015 c4 VioletVsNameless
I have seen this story so many times before, and I ignored it. Why did I ignore this?! This is wonderfully written, I didn't notice any grammatical errors, and I'm half-dying to see more. (Oh god. I just did that, didn't I?) I think I know more or less what happened here, though one thing that is unclear is Sam's age, which makes it difficult to decide how far into the future this is from the events of Control Freaks. My theory is that while Tucker and Sam went to save Danny from Freakshow's control, they failed and the creep somehow erased everyone's memories, keeping Danny as his slave and forcing him to do his bidding through mind control. This explains Sam, Danny, and Tucker's amnesia, and many of Sam's flashbacks. Danny's presence is jogging her memory, which explains how she knew that Tucker ate meat almost exclusively. According to this, Danny eventually regained control of himself but was weakened so that he couldn't physically fight back.
However, as I was writing this a thought came to me: there is a large flaw here. One of Sam's memories was of being presented with a ring and snogging (kissing, whatever) Danny. That was the very last episode of the show! There is no way she'd be able to remember that if Danny had been taken away before then. This leaves me quite befuddled. Are there alternate universes involved here? Oh. Wait a moment. I'm writing as I go here, the only changes that have been made are grammatical; this is literally displaying my thought process as I review. Anyway, I just thought of something else! There was a flashback to Danny meeting Sam again and trying to jog her memory. A new theory is here! Nothing during Control Freaks changed in this storyline. After the last episode, assuming Danny still had his identity revealed and still saved the world, an unknown amount of time passed. Freakshow returned, erasing memories from everyone involved (possibly just a few people who knew Danny, though maybe the entire populous of Amity Park) and kidnapping him. It may have been only a few days after this when Sam went out looking to prove Freakshow was mistreating his animals, because if he erased everyone's memory (how, I do not know) he wouldn't have to worry about leaving town. When Sam went to get photos, she met Danny, who recognized her, but she rejected him and fled. As we know, a couple of years passed after this event, and this is where we meet up with the main plot of this fanfic. One more thing to mention is that I'm going with the official statement that Danny didn't turn 15 at any time during the show. This way, if he was 14 when he was kidnapped by Freakshow, they could now all be around 17, which would explain why Sam was still with her parents (though this means Tucker is also 17, and thus a bit young to be working at an upscale hotel, but hey, let bygones be bygones.) In conclusion, my apologies for this rambling, and if you read the entire thing, you get a virtual high five for some impressive patience. I truly wish this fan fiction hadn't ended so soon, but sadly, it is 7 or 8 years old. To the author, I wish you luck in your career and hope you become a writer. To the few who read this, I wish you the same. Stay fabulous, Phans!
6/10/2011 c4 10fish-egirl
(0o0) Green and violet seem to go good together yes?(0o0)
2/3/2011 c4 7Leo112
looks cool!

up date please!
12/7/2009 c4 ZayZay1221
i like it plz make more
7/9/2007 c4 4crazyEgyptianSphnx
All I can say is HOLY CRAP! Update soon 'K!
6/15/2007 c4 27Nylah
Good, no great chapter! Sam and Tucker meet, nicely done and in character too. That last part was confusing, or is it just Danny that's confused?
6/15/2007 c4 6SlaughterOtter
OMG! Awsome! Please update soon. :)
6/14/2007 c4 7Kovva
That would be such an amazing dream... I'd so write it down. But I'm not Sam... Wowwie...they're so in character - Tucker's hilarious as usual, and the end of this chapter was wonderfully dramatic. I really enjoyed this chapter :)
6/14/2007 c4 Manyara
Wow cool part with Danny at the end.
6/14/2007 c4 danielle20
wow..confusing ...but ok:) i thinks it still kind of weird,

you need to work on puting things in order...
6/14/2007 c4 7piloneo
Whoa...this is confusing...BUT AWESOME!

Pilo of the WUAC
6/14/2007 c4 Xweetok
evil... you're leaving us in the dark... anyways, love this chappie, again, i totally understand the exam things i have some too, in fact, i should be studying, but i can do that later. First your foc, then my life.

6/10/2007 c3 piloneo
Vandertamp? Isn't that *tries to remember* It's...The word we used in French class to...*pulls hair out*...it was something...Gah.

*sighs* I I can remember is that it helped me in Fernch, and that My French teacher taut it to us, even if I can't remember what it was now.

I'll kill myself if you just made Vandertamp up...

Pilo of the WAUC
6/9/2007 c3 danielle20
it was ok but i still dont get the part about tucker? and when the gards were chaseing sam out of the place.. what is that place i dont really get what it is sappose to be. and freak show? come on.any way get to the part were sam rescuses danny all ready! :O * thanks*
6/9/2007 c3 7Kovva
beautiful...you have such a dreamy style.
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