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for Lemon Drops

6/23/2013 c1 63erbkaiser - closed account
Hahaha I love it. Just like Dumbledore to destroy the last bit of good in someone, without even realizing. Nice little short.
3/27/2009 c1 2Sytravious the Dark
This is a clever explanation. I like it. Funny
9/11/2007 c1 1scarvesnshoes
hehehe... cute, so like our dear old headmaster!
7/24/2007 c1 6Shellyyum
haha XD poor..Tom..i feel soo sorry for him too! HAHA thats awesome!
6/6/2007 c1 3hey-meredith
Not what I would have imagined. You know you actually made me feel sorry for Tom, not an easy feat. And Dumbledore stealing his sweets, *giggle*

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