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3/28/2019 c4 no
7/23/2009 c7 8kallou
keep going
8/18/2008 c7 Aluras
i realy luv dis story=D its awzum but d only prob is dat u hav spelin errors but its getin beter every chap n if u hav a beta dat fixed d errors in dese chaps wel...i suggest u get anoda 1 but if u dont den i can help u luk 4 1 =] if i cant den i can b ur beta(dont wry al my spelin tests r always ova 95)i jus gotta get off my lazy ass n actually do sumtin work related, 1 mo ting, update soon plz!=D
5/31/2008 c7 1vampirekisser
This story is awesome,I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/30/2008 c7 8Nami-Lass
interesting story... eww... kabuto ans sasuke bummed! eww! lol

update soon
5/28/2008 c7 soccersyd
this is great i cant wait to see what happens so update soon pretty please oh and i love this story
2/22/2008 c6 11Broken-Hearts-of-Angels
Okay, the fanfic is pretty good. There are quite a lot of spelling mistakes, but not as bad to not understand what you're trying to say. Well! the cough changing the ratings cough to a higher level cough, i'm not complaining ^^ ps, nissan is an older BROHTER just to tell you ^^; it's a pretty good fanfic, i'll be waiting to see you update ^^
11/14/2007 c6 monkey-101
Great chapter and great story so far.

Update soon please.

I cant wait till the next update.

Well done congrats.

9/1/2007 c5 Katana5438
pretty good so far
6/24/2007 c1 5shurikengrl
sakura's not manly, she's just athletic! who ever said that about her must die...in the story, i mean.
6/23/2007 c4 2fruitsbasketangel
awesome story!
6/7/2007 c3 1GhostAlly
Uh oh. No suspense!

Nice story

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