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6/25/2007 c11 5CripticWolf
excellent story =) i enjoyed it very much =)
6/25/2007 c11 Ilovesg1
As I wipe a tear away at the wonderful ending of a wonderful story. God, they were both carrying around so much baggage it's a wonder they could stand up straight. I had a visual of Jack suddenly appearing infront of her car, like the 'Monster from the Green Lagoon'. Kate, the voice of reason and common sense; I do love the team of Kate and Jacob (with a side of Selmak). I hope you have a cool summer (literally) and look forward to a new story in the Fall. Thank you for another great story.
6/25/2007 c11 feb04
hey , just found this yesterday, great story thanks , i will look out for more from you ! oh by the way if you come to england bring your rain gear and if you have one a boat , boy have we got rain , june has been a wash-out and more rain expected ! so if you could tow that big yellow thing in the sky with you we would be extremly grateful ! lol.
6/25/2007 c11 pain in the mikta
Sweet! That was quite a ride, indeed! Riveting, angsty and taking the reader through all kinds of emotions! Thanks for sharing this! Is there a way to get this in one, big, easy to print out chunck? :-) Oh! And enjoy England! And we can hope Nell gives the all clear when the time comes! Congrats to you two!
6/25/2007 c11 10PatriciaS
Great story, as you know not a deep shipper but this was nicely done. Not a quick toss in the sheet showed deep understanding of their feelings.

Enjoy trip over the water ... talking of which pack the sunshine its raining here ... been raining for while so you might want to keep the boat with you as well.
6/24/2007 c11 70ScruffyLovin
What a wonderful and satisfying ending! :) I really enjoyed this story. :D
6/24/2007 c11 Nessie1701
What a wonderful story. I so greatly enjoyed the entire epilog... I dispared of Jack and Sam ever getting together and when they did you had Sam do the disappearing act! Super Jack performing his Tarzan routine was very entertaining. So, very, very glad to have Kate finally straighten both of them out!
6/24/2007 c11 87mishy-mo
fabulous :)

Utterly wonderful


6/24/2007 c11 froggy0319
I am just so sad to see this end :( I have enjoyed each and every update and want to thank you for posting this. I do not know how I will manage for 2 months... but will be here when you return :)
6/24/2007 c11 5sammie77
Excellent story! Loved it! Can't you write while you're in England? You know, we wouldn't have to wait FOREVER for the next one! Just kiddin'- hope you have a great trip and stay safe. Looking forward to the next one!
6/23/2007 c10 gibblesgal
What's that old saying, "One good deed leads to another?" I guess it was a good thing that Jack acted immediately and instinctively when he caught her wrist before she was swept away in the fast-flowing water. Finally realizing what an ass he'd been and going to her to work things out certainly had its unforseen benefits. Alas, would these benefits be the loss of what they'd desired for so long, a life with each other? You certainly "wowed" me with this intensely written chapter.
6/23/2007 c10 Ilovesg1
At last! But, she has got to stop thinking so much. What is she going to do (they are a lot alike). That will make it worse than before. Excellent chapter(s)..amazing how the emotions of love and hate? disgust, etc. are so close.
6/22/2007 c9 70ScruffyLovin
Oh Sam, where do you think you're going? Don't leave him! :(
6/22/2007 c10 froggy0319
Whoo Hoo! Knew they would evenutally combust and combust they sure did :) Cannot wait to see how it ends as I hope it is in each others arms ;)
6/22/2007 c7 froggy0319
I really missed this while I was away and am so glad Jacob really told Jack about what Sam went through. Here's hoping it did get through his stubborn self ;)
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