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6/22/2007 c10 7getcarter
Well, *that's* certainly an interesting way to get someone's attention! Heh... Ok, now don't let her run out on him and screw with his head even more...please? I can't take it! :-)
6/22/2007 c10 5sammie77
Awesome! Hot! Loved it!
6/22/2007 c8 5CripticWolf
Awesome story so far! please udpate soon =)
6/21/2007 c8 Ilovesg1
Once again, I love Kate. She seems to have taken what information she knows about Jack (hockey) and in a no nonsense manner gets her message across (most of the time, we are talking Jack here). Poor Jacob, all that restraint to not slug Jack because Sam and Kate would kill him and he finds out that Sam already did it? Very frustrating. Hm, genetically programmed to be an ass. I like that. But, what a pair!
6/20/2007 c8 7getcarter
Loved this chapter. I'm glad Jack saw just exactly what he's put her through. You handled that very well. I've never seen her as the over dramatic type so I think that she would definitely seek refuge on her own. Nicely done.
6/19/2007 c8 gibblesgal
How ironic that even when Jack tries to apologize he is into denial. Ba'al certainly did mess with his head a lot more than he is willing to admit. Isn't it amazing how everyone seems to see right through his attempts to drive them away yet they hang in there for his sake anyway.

In reference to the warning on chapter 9: I think I'll read both versions just to see the differences in them. You've written such emotionally charged chapters so far, I'm anxious to see what you do next.
6/19/2007 c8 70ScruffyLovin
Whoa. That's a pretty sore punishment for apologizing. x_0; Guess it wasn't enough for Sam, eh? :)
6/19/2007 c8 pain in the mikta
Love scenes, you say? Who will get to get those? J & K or J & S?

Ah! The suspense! 8-)
6/19/2007 c8 5sammie77
Wonderful chapter! Poor Sam - she should slap Jack again! Can't wait for the next chapter! A love scene? Goody!
6/19/2007 c8 5smithcrafter
This story continues to be very good. My eyes are lighting up every time I see an update. :)
6/19/2007 c8 87mishy-mo
Cool chapter
6/19/2007 c7 gibblesgal
You certainly have a way with words in describing everything.

For such an enduring and capable leader, Jack can revert to childlike tantrums at the flick of a wick. He endangers himself as well as his rescuers when acting out this way. It's one thing to relate to a child where they trust and learn from you. It's another when you let that inner child take over your good judgment. He really needs to get his act together and be the person that people around him respect and love him for. You have done a nice job pointing out how his inner hurt has dragged him down to such a low level that even his friends are helping him out of pure need rather than their feelings for him.
6/18/2007 c7 70ScruffyLovin
Poor Jack. :( But I'm glad Jacob brought that up, about what Sam did for him. He oughtta hear it from somebody!
6/18/2007 c7 Nessie1701
Wonderful story. I love Jack, but I would have to turn him over my knee too!
6/18/2007 c7 pain in the mikta
Jee! That was powerful! Intense! Awesome!

Where's chapter 8?

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