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for The meteors that descended on the cosmic era

9/3/2011 c17 the real Marik Ishtar
awesome story...i like it...please update again soon
3/19/2009 c17 3General MG
I read the story and I liked it but when are you introduce Lady Une in her most devious manner towards her enemies? I hoped that two years is still enough for you start the next chapter. As for the previous draft version, I liked Heero being the long lost big brother to Lacus Clyne and Relena as mobile suit pilot to the Heero's first mobile suit, Wing Gundam.
7/23/2008 c17 14nequam-tenshi
Your grandmother, will be in a better place-it seems that your grandmother suffered enough: not being able to see her family members much, staying a bed mostly of the time, etc. I know it's lonely that someone is passing away but every dark moment has even the smallest light-so don't be sad that your grandmother is passing away; it's the unavoidable truth about life and she will still watch over you-spiritual that is.

I might be a stranger to you but as a person, everyone faces death in life. I pray that it won't be too hard on you.
7/23/2008 c17 45Dante 101
Aww that's too bad.
5/3/2008 c16 14nequam-tenshi

And thank you for reviewing Dead, no Alive and the new chapter is posted-sorry if it is short. :d
4/20/2008 c16 45Dante 101
I've noticed that they've heasted when they said Yzak's name, I mean what the heck is that about, I mean do they know him or something?

What the * do they mean about the kid with blue eyes and pink hair?
4/20/2008 c16 3anime shadow alpha
Good chapter.
4/20/2008 c16 16animefan29
Not bad, good chapter plot wise. But there are some problems. First you seem a little redundant in your writing, sometimes having one character repeat what another said, or saying/writing things that aren't really needed. Second is how I counted at least six times you used an inappropiate word. Such as putting an 'our' when it should be 'or'. There was also, I feel, some missing commas and one question mark.

Finally why do you keep changing the pairings?
4/8/2008 c13 14nequam-tenshi
Great job and I am glad that someone can use Meer in a good way.

I'm a Meer fan.

Please tell me she will end up will Athrun or one of the GW boys!

I am new and I was wondering if you could read my gundam story called Dead, no Alive.
3/24/2008 c15 45Dante 101
Which of the GAT series is Zechs going to fight in the next chapter? please tell please.

Will Zechs acutally kill one of them?
3/24/2008 c14 Dante 101
Nice bio.

Are going to write more bio's soon.
3/24/2008 c13 Dante 101
I've noticed that Gundam Seed is ahead of Gundam Wing. Are you intending to finsh Gundam Seed before Gundam wing?
3/24/2008 c12 Dante 101
This is okay.
3/24/2008 c11 Dante 101
Oh you gotta be joking.
3/24/2008 c10 Dante 101
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