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for The meteors that descended on the cosmic era

3/24/2008 c9 45Dante 101
Lol I like this chapter.
3/24/2008 c8 Dante 101
All write then keep up the good work.
3/24/2008 c7 Dante 101
God this is okay I guess.
3/24/2008 c6 Dante 101
Lol did you decide to make Heero related to Lacus and Meer in this fic? Please tell me this isn't true!
3/24/2008 c5 Dante 101
Lol why does Flay live in this fic I mean she is so evil.
3/24/2008 c4 Dante 101
So good.

I've noticed that you said that there will be a part two in this story so does that mean that the events of GSD wiil take place around the same time as the Gundam Wing movie. Please Respond.
3/24/2008 c3 Dante 101
This getting really good so far.
3/24/2008 c2 Dante 101
Good start so far and why does robotech or any other show have a part in this fic.
3/24/2008 c15 7Jays Arravan
Its good to see you're continuing the story.

I only have one problem with this chapter. Most of the sentences were run-on sentences. I almost couldn't understand anything if not for the fact that the episode was familiar. try chopping your sentences into shorter, easier-to-understand ones next time.
3/24/2008 c15 3anime shadow alpha
It was a good chapter. Hope you update soon.
3/23/2008 c12 7Missing Zero
I would like to see the Strike go up against the Wing Zero! Great idea you got, I like the crossover of Gundam Wing and SEED.
3/23/2008 c15 16animefan29
Glad you finally updated. For the most part it is great, I just think that you have too many run-on sentences. And wouldn't putting the Tallgeese in space in the next chapter be way ahead of the timeline.
2/7/2008 c1 45Dante 101
How does cagalli play a big part in the story since she hasn't been in a lot of chapters. Please explain in next chapter.
1/21/2008 c14 3kamikage86
This story is getting good I can't wait for the next update.
1/13/2008 c14 16animefan29
Good story. Only thing I would suggest is that you focus more on your grammer when you are writing, I saw a number of small mistakes that would not be caught by spellcheck
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