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3/20/2018 c39 2Prince-Wind
Seriously Doopliss ? I can't believe he was executed this way... To be honest I didn't think he could be fooled like this, because during the questionnaire he said that he suspected Toadette, so I thought it was during the questionnaire, not before.

Oh well, nice finale ! I enjoyed all these revelations ! Blooper's strategy was pretty bad, he knew that Luigi have a good memory, but still let him go to the final episode.

For the sabotages, I totally knew that Toadette had stolen the key from Blooper when she was behind him, in the Bell challenge. That was so fun to see the others suspecting him for nothing ! I guess knowing who the Mole is help a little to see their sabotages. Toadette did a good job I think !

And finally, great job for the clues, there were many of them and I totally missed most of them. And now I recall some of them that I found but didn't remember, the number 32 in the Laundry Challenge.

Congratulations for this first season, I will obviously read the next one, but this time I'll try to not discover who's the Mole during the first chapter. xD
3/13/2018 c36 Prince-Wind
So here it is ! I discovered who was the Mole during the very first chapter. I found the clue hidden in the presentation of all the characters. They all appeared in alphabetical order, except Toadette who appeared where the Mole should be. I guess I shouldn't look at this since I already knew that kind of clues from others fictions, so my bad I guess, lol !

I'm glad that Luigi win it at the end, that's a good ending I think ! Here is a little selection of the others clues I foundThe caduceus in the taxi of every executed player is a reference to Toadette's occupation as emergency nurse
- During the Spanish part of the last challenge, there was a strange traductionin the hole" give "En el traidor del champinonor something like that), hole could be understood as M , I don't really remember it, but I'm sure there was something about music, and it was later revealed that Toadette was a musician. Should have record this, whoops!

I also seen many strange sentences from the host implying that Toadette was the Mole. But now I only wonder one thinghow the heck Doopliss managed to get executed while suspecting Toadette ? I can't wait to see it, because this execution almost managed to make me doubt about Toadette. xD
3/13/2018 c34 Prince-Wind
So it's time to revealed who's the winner ! If he's not the Mole, I think Luigi will be the winner. He already proved that he had a good memory, so he'll most likely beat his opponent, whoever it is. Only if he discovered who's the Mole, that is. :p

I'll be glad to see Toadette win however. Although I don't believe it.

Oh, and that was an amazing last episode by the way ! The final challenge was really entertaining, even if I knew that they will won at the end. The last challenge is always win by the player, that's a fact !
3/12/2018 c28 Prince-Wind
Toadette and Luigi still in competition! I hoped for Lakitu's or Blooper's departure, more Blooper than Lakitu, but it's still fine. I feel a little sorry for him, he really needed the money for his family.

The art challenge was interesting, too bad it's a complete failure ! There are so much suspects things that happened from every players, even Blooper who didn't find their creation.

The Funhouse was just horrible ! Poor Toadette, her challenge was simply horrible. Even dangerous, she could be hurt by the crocodile ! Personally I wouldn't mind being in this room, if I had the certitude to be safe.

I really liked the last challenge, it was smart to reuse the Funhouse challenge to make the next one ! Just one thingDidn't Lakitu had a neutralizer for this episode ? Or am I misunderstanding the previous episode ?
3/9/2018 c22 Prince-Wind
Another great episode, I liked these challenges ! The first one maybe less, even if it was not really dangerous, I felt kinda bad with these horrible obstacles described by the host. I really hoped for the players to give up this challenge !

The fears challenge was more interesting, even if the plot twist when the players had to select their fear was pretty obvious, with the waiter that told them that it's good to lie sometimes one minute before.

The last challenge was interesting, there were plenty of suspicious actions from everyone ! Blooper who tried to screw up at the end, Luigi who knew every answers (I'm surprised that Toadette managed to arrived in time with all these good answers), ... only Peach was clean in my opinion, so it comes at no surprise she was the next victim.

I hope for Toadette's or Luigi's victory now that Peach is gone !
3/3/2018 c15 Prince-Wind
I knew that it was time for Birdo to leave the game. She was too innocent for this game, and with this latest challenge, there was no way she could stay any longer. That's simply logical. :p

That was a nice episode ! It was satisfying to see Toadette, theweakest player"", accepting all the dares, where Lakitu refused to do the simplest one. Even Luigi did it, although he's in my opinion the worst player of the show.

I don't have much to say for now. Lakitu deserved to lose his exemption, but it changed nothing at the end. And well, even if I can't make pronostic about the Mole identity, I would like to see Toadette or Peach win the game !
2/27/2018 c10 Prince-Wind
What a strange episode, the poor Luigi had a bad time I think ! First being kidnapped, and then throw to jail, to finally see his girlfriend being executed... oh well, at least he had an exemption for this round. xD

I immediately understood the Mole sabotage during the vehicles challenge, so I won't comment it. Even if I didn't know who they are, they will go at the top of my list.

It's horrible to see that between the four guilties, only one (let's say two counting Luigi) really opened the container. Maybe the Mole was involved in some way?

Too bad that Daisy had to be executed. I actually liked her, she was proactive during the challenges and don't screw up that much. I guess that's why she had to go this time !

I must say that all players have their charm in their own way, Lakitu is really funny to read sometimes, as well as Blooper. I like them all !
2/27/2018 c6 Prince-Wind
I can't believe Doopliss is the second victim, I think you don't really like Paper Mario's bosses, lol ! Well, maybe he's not really out, after all McHallyboo said that they will meet again, so who knows ?

If I didn't know who was the Mole, my prime suspect would be Lakitu. For me, he sabotaged the food challenge by switching his place with Daisy, so he could spin the table after the others to control the challenge. He also lured the poor Toadette during the clue challenge, but didn't take the blame for it. And I don't forget what he did during the second challenge of the first episode.

Blooper and Peach would be my second and third suspects, I have seen possible clues against them.

Finally, I have seen many strange sentences when the host talked to Toadette, but with Doopliss departure, she would be in the bottom of my list.
2/24/2018 c2 Prince-Wind
Hi ! A friend suggest me this fiction so I'll give it a try ! (I'm not used to write in English, sorry for my misspelling)

This first episode was pretty short, I didn't expect someone to leave so soon, especially Rawk Hawk who was a perfect candidate for being the Mole. He did a really bad job in both challenges, and I suspected him during the first one because he forced Luigi to commit a sabotage in a way. Too bad he's already out, I guess you introduce him just for the first execution. xD

To be honest... I already pinpoint who's the Mole. This is not my first mole-like fiction, I read the four seasons of Princess Toady (the one who suggest me your fiction), so I know some tricks about the clues. And well... I figured out one of them during the first chapter. I'm 100% confident about my guess ! I will not spoil it though in case of someone read this comment. However, I'll continue to read just to see who will be the winner and how the Mole will screw up the challenges. :p

Toadette is my favorite character, but I still don't have enough informations to make a definitive list of favorites. We'll see at the next episode !
1/6/2018 c34 Joey Clarke
So whoever wins could take home £251,000 if they finished the journey of completion or lose £320,000 to the mole if they failed
1/5/2018 c17 Joey Clarke
Can I just say one thing the slo-mo part was fucking funny I have never laughed at a slo-mo like that since seeing the smash cam on spring wipeout's big balls
1/2/2018 c5 Joey Clarke
What the fuck was that fining the team £10,000 then giving them back £20,000
1/2/2018 c4 Joey Clarke
The sick bucket was very funny when birdo threw up costing the team £20,000 it looks like the mole is winning at the moment with £50,000 whilst the jackpot has £30,000 come on if only you couldn't pass on a dish
1/2/2018 c2 Joey Clarke
I had no idea the mole would be in the lead with £30,000 in the mole's pot, I LOL when dumbass lakitu dropped the post-it note on the floor
1/2/2018 c1 Joey Clarke
The chapter was awesome I would definitely show it as the first challenge in season 1 of my version of the mole, shame luigi and rawk hawk blew £15,000 at the end
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