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9/15/2007 c2 Soankast
This is good!

The chapters could be a litle bit longer, but as long as you update I'll be happy!
6/13/2007 c2 41Reidluver
Avoid KoolAid men? They sound scary.

Aw. Thanks for the recognition! :) I'm touched!

Liked the chapter, I want to find out more about what happens to Akira! (sad puppy face)
6/13/2007 c2 21Kabooza
this chapter was a bit boring...

but just as awsome...!

do update quickly!
6/11/2007 c1 41Reidluver
I like the story idea, I would also like some of my favorite shows to become real some day. (I'd LUV to meet Gaara :) ) This is a good beginning, showing the relationship between the two siblings. My favorite part is, "Not really. You just called me seaweed" Please continue!
6/7/2007 c1 21Kabooza


do continue...

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