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for Billionaire's Debt

8/16/2009 c6 memeylupht
WoW ... !

You made an Excellent jobs here,NICE Story.

I like it... So,would U Mind to update soön for the next chapt?

ONEgai Ne'... !
7/30/2008 c6 6Hegodart
this was a really good story..i like the story line alot..please review soon!
4/28/2008 c6 ella zala

nicol is in da house!

you raawwkks!

asu caga fluff please...pretty please...

don't let athrun be "too" naughty ne...

good job, keep those updates and updates and updates...


make sure caga won't act like ju yoo rine...

can't imagine it dat

she's really funny
4/23/2008 c6 cagallirockz
oh its not cagalli!am i right or else i will feel very stupid:(

good story!i just love it:)
4/11/2008 c6 2AsuCaga01
I never thought that this story is story is realy WONDERFUL,GREAT,NICE,GOOD,INTERESTING,AND QUITE FUNNY!I love My Girl!Athrun plays the role of Julian and Cagalli as Jasmine,then who will be playing the role of Nico and Annika...hehehe..Update soon...^_^
4/10/2008 c6 15Laserworm
I is confused? so update soon to explain.
4/6/2008 c3 Milisante
Huh? What! I'm totally shocked... *blink*

Your fic is good...

But if it's your decision, then ok... *sigh*

I'll read it again^_^ Just make sure you like it yourself^^

4/6/2008 c3 IndyWantzCandy
Just one question: Is the story going to be in the same site? [err..I don't know if that made sense..]I mean like is this fiction going to be on the same page?[I still don't know if that made any sense, at all..]Gah! I give up!I just now want to know if this fiction is going to be on under the same title?
4/5/2008 c6 36nareiya
you know what, i really enjoy reading your fics because it's so cool and all. i hope cagalli would learn the trick/game that athrun is doing with her soon enough!
4/4/2008 c6 12Prince-in-Disguise
Wow, Athrun seems to be invincible when it comes to girls in this fic, eh? He must have read the manual! Or maybe it's his good looks that make all the girls believe whatever he says, because he is so beautiful!

The detective is an interesting development!
4/4/2008 c6 3WindAssasin
um, i'm not really sure about tat so sorry i can't help you. Anyway, great chapter and hope to read it again!
4/3/2008 c6 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
Ah! It's going to be semi-incestuous! But Athrun thinks fast! ^_^ Update soon
4/3/2008 c6 midnightblue08
so it really is cagalli?

i love nicol i hope more appearance for him...
4/3/2008 c6 2Mage666
WAH! NICOL! I could hug and kiss you right now! I LOVE how you've put nicol in this fic! Especially since he's the cool charactor (H) :D I must say, I didn't slap my forehead in this chapter since he did played it cool and anyone would have fallen for it (well, I would .
4/3/2008 c6 8Milisante
Nice chapter!^_^

Oh, I like the way Athrun deceived her^^ haha=) That was really good)

And he's excited to be like that^^ That's funny!

Nicol is a detective, nee? cute^^

So, please, update^^
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