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4/3/2008 c6 CagalliRules
hohoho! Yeah! UPDaTe! :)
4/3/2008 c6 5Milleniumgirlie
Cagalli is gonna be Aths have sister or is it kira who is gonna be his half brother?
4/3/2008 c6 6flanauCaramel
OMG! A chapter dedicated to me? That must be one of the coolest things I've ever received on my birthday! ^^ Thanks soo much pinkberry!

Well then, i loved that chapter! Haha! The 3 in 1 date was so funny! Athrun's such a player lol And he sure is clever too... Wow couldn't believe he succeeded in duping Cagalli!

Aww and Nicol's in too! :D That's so cool!

Oh, you're updating on your birthday? I can't wait! ^^

Btw, when is it? I might want to get you a little something ;)
4/1/2008 c5 aerielle
lol! love this chapter! especially the the 'mirror-floor' scene! so funny! ^^, by the way, thank you for including me in your 'special mention notes'. made me happy too! ^^,
3/30/2008 c5 12Prince-in-Disguise
Uh oh! Now Athrun is in trouble! Heehee, I wonder what will happen to him!

BTW I thought that bit with Athrun blackmailing Yzak was really funny!
3/29/2008 c5 5Milleniumgirlie
Aww... this is nice! hurry up for the next chap! Question again. Athrun's dad is the CEO of the company or is it Ath?
3/26/2008 c5 midnightblue08
just asking i think it is in chapter 2 or 3 but what does it seems that lacus still has feelings for athrun and she is somewhat neglecting kira?

will shin and cagalli get together?

is cagalli the illegitimate daughter of patrick zala?
3/23/2008 c5 2Mage666
Really good chapter! I loved the part where Yzak and Shiho were arguing, very amusing lol! I come to realise this but, HOW BLNDE CAN CAGALLI GET? ROFL! I had to smack my forehead many times in frustration because she still didn't get it lol! But know she knows! Update soon! I wanna know what happens!(Doesn't everybody?) Keep up the good work! Mage6
3/23/2008 c5 15Laserworm
Ha ha Cagalli is going to pumel Athrun. And is that Luna who is secretary? Yzak and Shiho are so funny LOL. Cagalli is kind of dense, I mean how many people have the name Athrun. Cagalli remembered a lot of what Yzak told her. xD. I can't wait for the next chapter.
3/22/2008 c5 CagalliRules
Hahas! UPDaTE! :)
3/22/2008 c5 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
=D I wonder who the lady with the miniskirt is... can't be a secretary... inappropriate attire... Hm. Well, update soon =)
3/22/2008 c5 8Milisante
Good chapter! Finally Cagalli found out his real identity) Or is he going to deceive her again? =)

I liked that Shiho\Yzak moment^^ Funny)

And Dearka has a really long tounge =) He should keep secrets better=)

But it was really nice to read!

Please, keep on!^_^

Update soon!
3/22/2008 c5 6flanauCaramel
Hehe! So she finally learns about Athrun's identity ^^

I wonder what Athrun will do... Huh, the young woman's Luna, right?

Anyway that was a really nice chapter! I loved Yzak!

Oh and I just wanted to tell you that i can actually relate to what you said... I feel the same lol

Update soon :)
3/22/2008 c5 3WindAssasin
Great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Update soon!
3/22/2008 c5 1Glorious Rubbish
I understand what you're talking about I also get bored easily ^^ anyways please do keep up! It's getting interesting now she found out ^^
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