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for Billionaire's Debt

3/17/2008 c4 5Milleniumgirlie
This is so nice! so u mean Lacus and Athrun are STILL engaged? just asking...
2/28/2008 c4 random
get your lazy butt to work and update fatser!
2/22/2008 c4 4reeroy
Finally a AthrunCagaShinn story! YAY! Now update, I wanna see what happens next!
2/13/2008 c3 aerielle
Lol! those girls are really crazy over Athrun! I pity them! Cagalli's so lucky she already met him. But I pity her too because she soo clueless! Ugh!

Mr. Joule is soo @#$%^&*! You know, you've done a good job, because you really made me ANGRY on his character!

Last thing, Cagalli's really slow.

Last, last thing. Even if this is so My-Girl-ish, I will definitely continue to read, because I'm really interested on how you will twist it. ^^,
2/13/2008 c2 aerielle
I liked this chapter, your sense of humour as a writer was evident! LOL!

At the ending part, the Athrun-Father scene, I was like, "O-oo-ooh! This looks familiar! I think I know what will happen next!" (yeah, I watched that korean series too!) So, that made me really excited and read the next chaper immediately! ^^,
2/13/2008 c1 aerielle
Good start and nice cliffhanger! It made me read the next chapter. ^^,

Hm, I was just a bit surprised at the end part where the "three mobs" bid farewell. LOL! aren't they 'too kind' to wait for her to wake up, so they can say their goodbyes (and tell who helped her)? ^^,

Anyways, the first chap's good!
2/4/2008 c4 xxdreamz
Let me guess, Athrun forced Yzak to hire Cagalli. xD
2/3/2008 c4 2yumemi21
hey it's me for my think that the dialogue between the characters are really funny hehe so keep those ideas coming and goodluck on your other fics
2/2/2008 c4 15Laserworm
Ha ha ha! I love company number 3. LOL Poor Cagalli beating up poor Shinn. Update as soon as u can.
2/2/2008 c4 2Mage666
HEY! Cool Chapter lol, poor Shin being jumped lol! I can't believe you cut the story off there! I can't wait to see this "civil" conversation, ROFL! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what happens! Mage6 :D
2/2/2008 c4 8Milisante
Nice chapter)

Shinn is so funny boy^^

I know the reason Yzak came^^ lol I think so) May be)

I won't tell anyone^^ *giggle*

So, update soon! I want to know the true reason^^

2/2/2008 c4 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
I wonder what Yzak's doing at Mir's... Maybe Athrun got him to hire Cagalli and he's the messenger =D That'd be so cool! Do update soon =)
2/2/2008 c4 3WindAssasin
oh, i'm so going to love it. I always liked Shinn to be Ac's love rival. haha. Keep it up! ^_^
2/2/2008 c4 12Prince-in-Disguise
Haha! Shinn getting clobbered by Cagalli!

I really like Shinn's entrance into the story and how Cagalli thinks he's a burglar! There's gonna be a love triangle? Yay! That ought to be very interesting!
2/2/2008 c4 1Glorious Rubbish
Shinn XD Yzak :o (me ish SO happy to see them XD) *runs around in circles out of happiness* come on update faster I MUSt know what the hell Yzak's doing there X3 ShinnCaga? I love the idea ^^
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