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1/11/2008 c3 cara410
Ok i'm reviewing again... I had forgotten to ask you if you had the intention of including Dearka in your story! Sorry for this second review... Oh btw, in my last review, it was supposed to be 'have' instead of 'has' Foolish mistake hehe -_-; lol

Well then, update soon please!
1/10/2008 c3 6flanauCaramel
Haha! Actually I've been working on 2 stories but I don't think they're good enough to be posted on ffnet... Unfortunately, i'm not a very good writer snif snif lolz

Back to the review, i'm sad for Kira! Does Lacus has feeling for Athrun? Anyway, I loved this chapter! Update soon!
1/10/2008 c3 saw427
i can't wait for the next chapter!

1/10/2008 c2 ella zala
your story is like...

my girl...a korean soap opera..

ots a funny story cast bu lee dong wook

u should watch it...

or have you?
1/10/2008 c3 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
LOL I think Cagalli's gotten overexcited over the Lacus Clyne thing... I didn't think she'd carry it so far as to saying, "And you’ll going to beg me just to let me have you touch it.” A little carried away by an idol...

But I wonder if Athrun's gunna bring Cagalli to dinner with Lacus. I wonder why Lacus was so excited when he called, she has feelings for him? And he's flirting with another woman? Does he know...?

Anyways, Cagalli'd be so shocked (and surprised, again) if Athrun's gunna get Cagalli in the company =) Which he could cuz I believe he's the boss.

I wonder why none of te girls that want to stalk Athrun saw that he was just sitting on a chair right by the lobby or whereever they would've passed by...
1/10/2008 c3 xxdreamz
Wow, great work! But how come Athrun seems kind of... evil? o.o


He better not take advantage of Cagalli! =]

LOL, update soon! Oh, by the way, thanks for making the chapter longer! xD
12/28/2007 c2 4imuzuok
THIS WAS REALLY COOL! I wonder what will happen next?
12/27/2007 c2 2GizzyBlues
Who's the daughter? Don't tell me it's Cags! Or maybe someone who looks like her. Anyway, if it is, I don't mind an incest story. Actually, I'll love it. I'm just guessing this (you can tell me if I'm right): Cags might pose as his sister for his father. Just to make him happy. Oh yeah, do you know the k-drama, My Girl? It was shown in the Philppines before and you're a Filipino. Please update this soon.
12/27/2007 c2 35junon2

funny stprry and good writting ^^ i think asuran's sister is cagalli... want write an incest? Why not? It's interresting ;)
12/26/2007 c2 Minatsuki
wowowowowow! love this story so much! but if i'm correct...if cagalli IS the not legal daughter of patrick..that would make athrun and cagalli siblings...and that would mean relationship is so hope not...i want them to be together! anyway..dont stop writing this wonderful story of yours! love it to the fullest! thanks so much for updating by the way! i would like to see your next update pretty soon...pls! Merry Christmas to you as well!
12/26/2007 c2 2Mage666
YO! I was going to put up another review for the first chapter since you changed it but, they wouldn't let me on the account that I already post a review for that chapter :( So, this is a review for the new first chapter and the second chapter :D The new chapter I thought was much better! I found it well funny when they where in the bedroom -giggles- The second chapter I thought was funny too (Cagalli IS really bad at guessing things lol!) I'm puzzled at the illegitimate sister part though, IF it were cagalli in the picture, wouldn't that make them related in a step brother/sister way? Anyways, Nice chapter! MAge6 :D

P.S here's the link for that picture you asked for, it should take you directly to that pic and also, there are loads of cool pics on that site, Happy Viewing!
12/26/2007 c2 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
I was about to review for the first chapter, but wasn't able to cuz I already did before you replaced the chapter. But anyways, I was about to comment in the previous chapter that the shuttle incident reminded me of Goldilocks as Cagalli cuz she was tired and went to sleep not really knowing where she was.

So... If this is a romance story and it's between Athrun and Cagalli, and they happen to be sorta related... isn't that a bit incestuously wrong? Or have I mistaken the meaning of illegitimate/the girl isn't Cagalli but Athrun would likely be just using her to trick his father?

So much for Athrun's respect for his father when he couldn't even be loyal to his own wife, AKA Athrun's mother.

Update soon and happy new year!
12/26/2007 c2 xxdreamz
Great chapter... not much there though. I mean, it's kind of short, but worth reading! Update soon!
12/26/2007 c2 saw427

that is one good story

please update soon
12/26/2007 c2 6flanauCaramel
Hey! That was a nice chapter! I reminds me of a korean drama I watched a while ago... It's called 'My Girl'. Anyway, so far your fic is awesome! I had meant to review on the previous chapter, (which btw I really enjoyed) again but couldn't since I had already reviewed -_-; LOL

Well then, I hope you'll update soon =)

Have a very happy new year 2008!

I wish you all the best :)
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