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8/8/2010 c3 15A Bit Closer Johnny
This story is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe I had not come upon it before. Wonderful writing, especially this chapter.
11/8/2009 c3 18tripwatcher2
M, this was very good! Exactly what I would want a story of their reunion to be! Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
12/22/2008 c3 5amazrie
The story was so real! I really loved it. It really mantains the essence of the movie and its characters. The writing is excellent. Keep it up! Congrats.
2/21/2008 c3 showgirl22
this was great! if there is a fourth movie this should totally be included. keep it up
1/26/2008 c3 1twilight-crescent-moon
Oh My GOSH! You're a really talented writer because this story is fantastic! I've always been a sucker for a happy ending... Good job!
1/18/2008 c3 4TimeArtist
That was soo sweat, i hope that you're writing more and will update soon.
10/13/2007 c3 kharden
That was so sweet!
8/21/2007 c3 Smithy
No offense to your story, but when I saw the movie, it looked as if Will's time away at sea had made his appearance seem more rugged, like the sea had given him more facial lines or something. But that is just an observation I noticed. When I saw the movie, I told my sister, "We gotta stay until the bitter end, because there's gonna be an Easter egg of some sort." And brother was I right.
8/10/2007 c3 1ChrisBabyGurl93
OK,so i saw that you haven't updated since June! So i am hoping when you read this there will be another chapter up. Please have another chapter! (Can't Wait!)
8/9/2007 c3 orphan12345
Aw... that story was so cute! I loved it!
8/8/2007 c3 tigg
That was beautiful...times 100! =D
7/27/2007 c3 5tegan morrison
This is the perfect reunion.
7/8/2007 c3 BronxBomber87
Wow I love this fic it's so sweet!and I just saw the movie yesterday so having a cute reunion fic is just what I needed hope you update soon!
7/7/2007 c3 13acacia59601
Wow, this story is wonderful! I can't wait for more!
7/2/2007 c3 17Cinnamint Kitty
I really enjoyed. Please do write more!
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