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1/17/2014 c4 gummy b3ars
I don't get the ending..who's screaming?...pls have a sequel, it's not a good ending if you'll stop here .tnx
4/21/2013 c3 1zanpaku
That was a sweet end to the chapter with the fishes fin looking like a heart.
11/26/2008 c4 6Missmybcmiyuki
i liked this story and i hope you can come up with a sequel.

i can't wait to see who's at the door. i have no clue as to who it might be. but i think it's funny how there always seems to be an interruption before hinata tells naruto the truth. ^w^
11/2/2008 c4 3sasami1996
such open ending! you have got to finish this!1
10/18/2008 c4 yumni
7/18/2008 c4 Jack
The story was great and I bet the sequeal will be even better. If it's not to much trouble send me an e-mail, or somthing(I still haven't figured this computer out) telling me about the sequeal.
1/10/2008 c4 5Arcantos the Storyteller
Sequal please!
8/25/2007 c4 zack
what did they out the door
6/18/2007 c4 8The Cowardly Mechanic
aw POOR HINATA!T.T i luvs it
6/12/2007 c3 tigermariah
Luv the jolvesy word. You already know :P

Hhahaa... this story is great so far I'm so excited.. .what0s gonna happen next? Wanna know :( sadpuppylook :P Buhbye
6/11/2007 c3 The Cowardly Mechanic
i luvs it it rocs ^^
6/11/2007 c3 10SeyoukaiStar
Good fanfic so far!Update soon!
6/9/2007 c1 64yumi-maki
O.o that was...interesting. She hates him? But I guess now that she had the dream, she won't make the same mistake, right?
6/9/2007 c1 2deathhawk17
wow.. nice twist. write more!

*dances* yaya firstest review*

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