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1/8/2011 c16 18KiraJenLove
Hey, this was a really good story! I really enjoyed it, and everyone was in character.

I agree about Pam needing to get "a grown-up's car" - what is a lawyer doing driving a VW bug?
1/20/2008 c16 49Jo Z. Pierce
Brava! How can you put an epic tale in 24 hours? That was no small feat?

Carlisle's voice was dead on! I even could hear his voice rise uncomfortably when he said "your head...!"

I enjoyed reading this a lot. I don't know how Bill actually survives all those holes he seems to suffer! Amazing.

Not sure I love the Bill/Rose, but he can settle for a while, I guess, until we show up.

Really, and as usual, great stuff. Love it.
1/20/2008 c10 Jo Z. Pierce
I am not sure if I can remember anyone touching on Bill's childhood in fanfic. You may have just started the muses rolling.

Seriously, I liked that.

I personally think the GG was making a joke. There's a great Comedy Club just outside of Alpha Centauri, and I bet he headlines there every third Tuesday.
1/20/2008 c9 Jo Z. Pierce
You know, I think you summed up all your GAH writing in this one line.

"It was funny how powerless a super strong guy could feel."

I say that because you often make Ralph feel powerless... but at the same time you make Bill powerful. It is such a great juxtaposition that you play around with. The one without the suit being brave and fearless despite his complete vulnerability. Then the one who is [almost] indestructable feeling vulnerable... I think that is really the point here. In addition to their chemistry, you really show this dialogue... this dialectiv between the two. I think that is so great and what makes your writing so insightful...
1/20/2008 c8 Jo Z. Pierce

Just getting back to this. It's like I'm rationing it out...

I really love how you write the boys interactions. They are both so close, and look after each other. I love the descriptions, and in this chapter, of Ralph and his calls for help.

Great voices. Great scenes...
1/3/2008 c16 61wuemsel
I loved, loved, LOVED thia story! There's nowhere near enough Maxwell writing out there, and I'm SO glad I found you here! Hope you're already moving the magic fingers on a another piece. Loved the dialogues too - just perfectly on spot. Could hear everybody in my head. More? Soon? Please?
10/1/2007 c5 49Jo Z. Pierce
So far, I am enjoying this! Certainly a Bill story... well written.
7/6/2007 c16 34Mary Rose
Good story.
7/4/2007 c1 4th6thDoc
Loved this, was very happy to find such a long, complete story. Really made my morning!
6/24/2007 c1 49Jo Z. Pierce
Hey! Finally getting a chance to read this! I like the Harlan/Ira intro. Looking forward to reading more!
6/11/2007 c16 louise1717
what can i say-PERFECTION

loved the characters and their interactions.even carlisle was fun.

of course i enjoyed the bill hurt and a bullet to the head.hard to imagine he could survive that without the bad guys help...but as you said at the end,stranger things have occurred in real life.

please tell me you plan to finish your longer bill fic...

thanks for sharing
6/11/2007 c14 louise1717
oh...more bill hurt and the bad guysa re captured.what could be better.
6/11/2007 c10 louise1717
nice chapter.lovd maxwell waking on the ship.

enjoyed the bill ralph interactions and that ralph called pam for help.

theya re a great team
6/11/2007 c8 louise1717
poor ralph.that green guy didnt have to tell ralph what eh already know.ralph would do anything to save bill and he has.
6/10/2007 c7 louise1717
thank goodness for ralph.i know he will get bill the help he needs and then catch those bad guys..ok now i really have to go...
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