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for First Aid

8/28/2018 c9 Renny Wilder
Reliving the glory days of Kraine and I just wanted to say this ending is still the best thing like eleven years later :)
7/26/2009 c6 A lemming named Kei
That... was beautiful. I'm actually crying I laughed so hard.
11/10/2008 c9 9Plushietiger
Wah so cute!~ I love how it linked from the lowest healing magic (first aid) all the way to the highest healing magic (revitalize!) and the quotes on the bottom are just icing on the oh so perfect first aidy cake
7/10/2008 c9 13Miss Raine Sage
Aw ^^
7/10/2008 c6 Miss Raine Sage

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I didn’t want to kiss Kratos because of that…how could he look like Mom? I look like Mom…

AH! Kratos could’ve wanted kissed me cause I look like Mom…! AH! INCEST!

...but he didn’t want to kiss me…GASP! MY DAD DOESN’T LOVE MY MOM!"

Priceless. Love it. xD Hillarious! XD WOO
7/10/2008 c4 Miss Raine Sage
Aw! I cried too. xD I admit it. It was touching. and sad. Poor Raine. =[ But awesome story ;D *hits the next chapter button*
7/10/2008 c2 Miss Raine Sage
Hahahaha ^^ That was extremely funny. XD Hahaha. =) Loving the story so far. Now =O To continue reading!
1/30/2008 c1 2haku hatake
WoW! that was an awesome story

i laughed, cried, and sreamed OMG WTF!

YAY KRAINE. the ending was so cute and dramatic! ^.^
12/14/2007 c9 6LucidRainDrops
Aw... I wish I were Raine... xP... so jealous...
12/14/2007 c8 LucidRainDrops
oo... I want sketti... I wonder if she puts jelly and gallons of salt in it... xD then sugar...

But wait... what about the noodles?

hm... shoelaces! yes! it satisfies us to see them suffer... hehehehe...
12/14/2007 c7 LucidRainDrops

Your story pleases us, please continue... we shall continue... reading... O.o
12/14/2007 c6 LucidRainDrops
wow... Lloyd sounds like ME! yay ME!
12/14/2007 c5 LucidRainDrops
whee... I'm surprised that I didn't review this the last time I read the story... I'm so sorry. xD
12/14/2007 c3 LucidRainDrops
I was... slightly disturbed by Lloydes... actions... last chapter...

... disturbing is FUN! yaay! more disturbingness!
9/1/2007 c9 67FearandLoathingXIX
The last line literally made this, because I swear I have heard that SO many times it's imprinted in my brain. I kid you not, I hear them actually saying it XD

Nice job for all of it XD
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