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8/13/2007 c2 6LucidRainDrops

*pointless review*

... O_O !
8/10/2007 c9 grimmkittylove
It was cute. And angsty. I don't particularly like Kraine stories, but this is the only exception. Good job. : )
8/10/2007 c6 grimmkittylove
You've caputred Lloyd's mind brilliantly! Made me laugh so hard my mom looked concerned. xD
8/3/2007 c9 Schwerelos
Whoa, yeah, that was a pretty lame ending XD; No, but I had a fun time reading it and I loved the fact that you actually used quotes from the game! Not only the script, but those random phrases told during battle, that actually MAKE SENSE when in context. Bravo for that ^^ I really liked this fic, so it's going to my favorites, because you made it believable (though I LOL'ed at Lloyd for the crush on his dad XDD /oh, and Kratos' crush on Martel was nice, but why does he need to be more angst-y again? xD;) and made it during-game and that's what I loved the most
7/19/2007 c9 2RedAnko
Aww, that won't bad, it was good! Really, it was. It was sweet. Nice job, I loved this story!

7/18/2007 c9 8Furuido
Aw! That was so cute! This was the first Tos fanfic I've ever read, to be totally honest, and I loved it. Especially since I love Kratos and even though I hate Raine you made her bearable. Great job!
7/18/2007 c9 11Kurosawa-san
so sweet. i love the kraine and of course lloyd's internal monologue for his feelings for kratos. you did good in keeping the characters' personalities without too much ooc-ness. great story. definately going to my favorites. :]
7/12/2007 c9 26Red and Gold Phoenix
AW! SUch a sweet and fufilling final chapter! How can you say that you aren't good at conclusions! This was amazeing! WOW, I am so sad this fic is over though! I loved it so much! I loved how they finally kissed in the end! This fic was awsome and this last chapter was brilliant! I really think that you should write some more Kraine! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! LOL! Well this fic was awsome as I have said! Keep up the excellent work! (WRITE MORE KRATOS AND RAINE!)

7/12/2007 c4 20Death Skater
Der. It pisses me off how everyone goes after Raine. I'm like, "Stay still, damn it!" They all chase Raine, even when I'm beating them crapless!

Lol, specially Farah in the coliseum. She kept going after Raine. I was spazzing. Oh, poor Raine. I love this story! You probably aren't some poor laxzy lowly writer like myself, right?
7/11/2007 c9 1Fanficier
Ah, that had to be one of the greatest endings I've ever read. It flowed perfectly, I could see each frame in my head. It went from one idea to the next in such a great manner, god, this is like a gem of fan fiction.

I really liked the description and details, you didn't get lazy there, that's for sure. Now and then, I felt like my jaw was numb from it hanging down from amazement all the time...

Too bad it's all over though, it was a great story! This will always be burned into my brain, I'm probably just going to read it again and again until I know like every line XD.

I can't wait for another installment from you, things like this are amazing! Sorry for not being able to post every chapter, I was busy :( Anyways, congrats! YOU deserve a huge cookie too for this great story ^_^
7/11/2007 c9 5JoanNeko13
Aww sweet ending. I loved the story...now...why is it over? T-T
7/11/2007 c9 2screamingedge
Well, it was good while it lasted, and this one was definitley good, though it wasn't much of a climax, i have to say... .
7/11/2007 c9 4The Amazing Chris
You silly silly girl. Excellent ending, beautiful work. I love it, and you shouldn't be so harsh on yourself. If I could write an ending so grand, I would be priveledged.

Congratulations, and don't stop now!

~The Amazing Chris
7/11/2007 c9 3Chiyanaski
That was such an awesome story! ^^

Totally luv that kiss! The Krain-ness!

-sob- Poor Mithos-kun...I wish he didn't have to die though...

um...anyways! Great Story! ^^

~MithosxGenis 4EVER!~
7/11/2007 c9 1Nasusi
Don't worry, I like this end! I like dramatic things, you know!

And thank you for the cooky! I was eating a cooky when I read it! Strange...

Oh, and Regal sayed a true thing in the beginning: "I truly am...pathadic" hehehe He is so right!

The whole story was REALLY great! Continue writing storys, please!
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