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7/11/2007 c9 Syzhale
well it was... an... interesting ending heh... umm yeah well i just reviewed cuase i could.

Nuff said...

Nuff said...
7/11/2007 c9 7Heisui
I... LOVED IT! I didn't find the ending was rushed or anything, it was really good! x3

7/11/2007 c9 4I lOvE kRaToS
:O This ending is...awesome! She finally does Revitalize...that's like the best healing spell of the game...ever! XD But I'm sad that it's over...; ; It was cool... Congratulations, though, on a well-written fanfic! I hope you write more!
7/11/2007 c9 1rocker4ever
What I always wondered in that battle was why in hell's name you couldn't just grab Mithos' shoulders knee him in the groin and while he was crying on the floor, kill his child form and get to the machine-thingy faster...?(stupid comment I know.)

-sque- That was awesome! I loved, LOVED it! I'm just sad it's over T-T
7/10/2007 c8 4Lily Violet Oak
Hey, this story is AWESOME! I love it and I can't wait for more! Sorry for the short review, but I can't stay online long. I'll be waiting for more of this story, though!
7/9/2007 c8 7ChristalSteele
lol Very nicely done I like the inner monologue and the bit about Raine. Excellent work hope you can update soon.
7/9/2007 c8 5JoanNeko13
Loved the ending! "And he loved her...why, again?" Too good.

Anyways, YAY Angsty Kratty! -shot for rhyming-

Nice chappie please update soon...AND WHY IS ZELOS ALIVE? T_T
7/9/2007 c8 1Nasusi
Hehehe, they are all just sitting there while Colette is waiting to be rescued! Not that ANYBODY cares about her. Well, I don't...

I like Kratos part in the beginning VERY much!

And Raine is cooking! Aren't Lloyd and Kratos afraid of tomatos? I heard that once...
7/8/2007 c8 4The Amazing Chris
Garnet orbs, huh? Call me crazy, but i think I've heard that before...


Oh well, keep updating! :)

~The Amazing Chris
7/8/2007 c7 The Amazing Chris
Yeah, I made Colette wait way too long too. XD

~The Amazing Chris
7/8/2007 c6 3Lue4028
AHAHA! OMG! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! And if you like soup, I just wanted to tell you I like it too. Ramen is the best! ^^

7/8/2007 c8 1Fanficier
I haven't gotten the chance to read much over the past couple of weeks, but I finally caught up reading some of the chapters. Nice work! It's coming around really well. Keep writing, this is gonna get really popular really quick by what I think ^_^
7/8/2007 c8 4I lOvE kRaToS
Not Raine's cooking/studying/ruin-mode-ness! XD Hilarious filler chapter! :D
7/8/2007 c8 3Chiyanaski
O_o I feel sorry for the group now...

Poor Kratos...spaghetti...hehe ^^

Can't wait till the next chappie!

~MithosxGenis 4EVER!~
7/8/2007 c7 1Nasusi
Yes, you're not the only one who does sidequests without Colette... But isn't there a conversation with Colette in it after the fight?

I can be wrong...

And I liked that chapter! I really enjoyed that Kraine moment in the end!
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