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7/7/2007 c7 5JoanNeko13
Screw OoCness that's what makes a good story, great :P

Anyways, good chappie, I liked it lots ;)

Please update soon,

7/7/2007 c7 7ChristalSteele
This is an excellent chapter nicely done.
7/7/2007 c7 2screamingedge
The time line is horrible... the final Sword Dancer only appears directly after Lloyd's soulmate is possesed by Mithos.

Wait... Mithos's tower? Are you talking about Vinhiem?
7/7/2007 c7 26Red and Gold Phoenix
YEY! I love this story and the chapter was great! I DEMAND ANOTHER! ASAP! LOL... sorry I just really like this fic!

7/7/2007 c7 3Chiyanaski
-gasp- The Krain-ness...it's so swet~

He hehe he...luv it! ^^

Can't wait 'till the next chappie!

~MithosxGenis 4EVER!~
7/7/2007 c7 4I lOvE kRaToS
Le gasp is right! Oh, and about the "Heaven's light" attack? THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.
7/7/2007 c7 2RedAnko
Haha, I ran off and did sidequests when I was supposed to be rescuing Colette too. Colette isn't, um, my favorite character.

*crickets chirping*

Okay, okay, I don't like her! She's going to go through so much when I get my fic up and running... *evil laughter* Anyways, loved the chapter (especially that little conversation with Kratos and Raine), update soon!

7/7/2007 c6 2screamingedge
Soup? Soup? SOUP?

Lloyd is too distracted for his own good...

And isn't this chapter going a little too far away from Kraine-ness?
6/20/2007 c6 6Zoray Zorial
Well...this was certainly funny. Lloyd's ramblings were amusing, to say the least, and (As cruel as it may be) I'm very much enjoying his struggles. *laughs*

Keep 'em coming, I'll be here waiting.

~Zoray Zorial
6/19/2007 c6 45blooming Ednae
geez, i am the person who dislikes incest/yaoi whatsoever (the ONLY yaoi couple i like is in another game, but this was too funny! his thoughts were so random, especially the soup...soup? i thought of water instead of soup...

haha, judgement, i memorized that too...kinda stuck after he kept saying it too many times when i played the game _

wow, honestly, this was funny, and this is about the only story i accept with a one-sided love of incest cuz i really dont read anything like that, but this is so funny and really good!
6/19/2007 c5 blooming Ednae
aww, how adorable, i especially liked the ending :)

she saved him, how nice!

oo, shes in denial too! haha
6/19/2007 c6 5JoanNeko13
I want soup...

Ok...Chapter five was great *huggles Genis*

And Chapter Six is awesome! Way too funny!

I despise incest to no end but this is damn funny^^

Please update ASAP!

6/19/2007 c6 4The Amazing Chris
I like soup.

This is probably the only KxL style of writing that I will actually read. So, congrats! Keep going!
6/19/2007 c5 The Amazing Chris
Very nice.

Um... Yeah, that's it.

~The Amazing Chris
6/19/2007 c6 2RedAnko
Hehe. That was hilarious... Strange, but hilarious... Um, update soon!

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