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3/20/2016 c17 3stubs1101
this was great. im sad they didn't get their happily ever after but still this was great. thnx you
3/5/2016 c17 13ElysiumPhoenix
This is a brilliant story, though I was kinda hoping for a happier ending. I particularly liked the relationships between Juno and the rest of the crew.
11/19/2015 c6 5Darkinyron
I like this story so far! It's quite different. I'll be back tomorrow to read more!
9/13/2015 c17 1hermonine
Great story
8/8/2015 c17 3BookLovingPersonR.B.L
*stunned silence*
When she dug her heart from her chest, I thought she was going to...I dunno, put his heart in her chest? It kinda made sense as I was reading it...
Great job on the story, btw
11/13/2013 c17 5Nemishysteria
Here I am, reviewing millions of years after you wrote this! I started reading last night and didn't stop until I finished it. And honestly, I have only one word to say: wow. Right from the start you had me, Juno is wonderfully thought out and her story is heartbreaking, even without the ending. And I think you had Davy Jones written perfectly, considering everything I think you managed to keep in character as much as you possibly could. Honestly, you did a fantastic job, and now you've just broken my heart. So thanks, haha. Seriously, this is just... Urg. I have no words. Thank you for writing it.
2/4/2013 c17 2MrsStarrick
0.o I had a tear rolling over my cheek when Davy Jones died, and then I noticed needed to dry my eyes before I could continue.. Poor Juno & Davy.

I loved the story! Thank you so much D
1/26/2013 c14 4Joker's Lover
Noooo she can't die. I love her. Lol Juno
9/28/2012 c17 Guest
The Rock must say...this is the best story The Rock has read in awhile...the ending though was of them dieing it fit perfectly. The Rock knows this review is late and apologises for not reviewing sooner. The Rock will most surely be glad to read more of your works in the future
11/25/2011 c17 Haylo
This is the best Fiction I've ever read.Juno is a beautiful character and the story of her and Jones was perfect. The tragedy was a earth shattering yet fitting way to end it.I see why you chose this ending. A sequel may have been great but that last testiment of love between them was beautiful. Good job.I loved this story.
5/29/2011 c17 HrrHrr
What a great tragedy! I really loved the story...
4/29/2011 c17 1XxIveryaxX
Totally loved it ... I dont realy think it was a tragic ending when they are both happy. fabulous job
12/14/2010 c17 Bloodsired
Very tragic yet beautifully written. Im so sad but I like how very dramatic it end. Im grieving for them yet I know their happy together. I hope you could write more of this. By the way love your OC she's ass-kicking and futuristic.
9/12/2010 c17 16Consulting Demon

...you killed them both!
7/19/2009 c17 19Captain Riley


Great Story!
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