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for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Box

9/21/2011 c7 1thedastardlysonya42
OMG, I ALWAYS knew that will was really a porcupine!
2/26/2011 c11 14Agent047
Picturing Jack trying to fly was pretty great. :D

And Mary. Gotta love Mary. Kudos on the amusement park reference too. :)

Glad to see you haven't abandoned this. :)
2/26/2011 c10 Agent047
I love the fact that the gun not only had lines, it had a personality. And Elizabeth yelling "Say hello to my little friend" made me laugh. :)
1/10/2011 c11 39Florencia7
Aw I missed this story! ^^ I remember how I loved (& still love!) Will doing the compass thing haha And Simon Cowell's cameo was just perfect ^^ Great chapter! :D
2/14/2008 c3 14Narnia's Protector
Obviously, the cloth is Jack's unyielding devotion to rum... haha! love the story!XD
1/22/2008 c10 6Piratesfanatic
Lol. Great chapter! :D Elizabeth is as stupid as ever! I love at the end where she just notices Will and then he disappears. Lol. I liked Gun too. :)
1/10/2008 c10 39Florencia7
Oh, I've been really missing this story:]

"Governor Swann (...) dressed in tight jeans, a white T-shirt and black leather jacket" - omg *dies laughing*

"Gun: (confused) This is the 1700th century, that show hasn’t even been made yet…

Elizabeth: (Shifty eyes) I told you my father had connections…" - loved it! lol

"Person on the phone: I know what you did last summer" - that was hilarious ^^

Yay! And my favorite Will The Compass made his appearance once again lol

Awesome chapter! Please, update as soon as you can!

PS. Good luck with your exams! :)
1/7/2008 c10 MrsTurner007
*DIES OF LAUGHTER* this was HILLARIOUS! MrsPD you rock my freakin' socks off and totally improved my day. lol hope your exams go super well!

love ya and keep up the awesomeness,

~bethykins the magnificent

p.s. i miss writing comedy lol. but i told myself when starting the WPG to broaden my horizons...oh hell. lol
1/7/2008 c10 1Apparentlee

That was funny!

I just love when people are talking about the compass and they go WE!
1/7/2008 c10 2Scuff the Newsgoil
Bwahahahahahahaha...HA! That's all I have to say.
1/7/2008 c10 8blackpearl.fantasy
You updated! *Does a happy dance and screams with joy*

"Of course I’m not! I’m special (grins)" -LOL

"Is that you God, it’s me, Cutler." -Haha I can't stop laughing at that! Hilariously wonderful/Wonderfully hilarious!

"Oh good, I thought you were here to kick my butt, because you would definitely win… (Pouts)" -OMG you are so good at this! Beckett pouting! ^-^

"No shi…taki mushrooms Sherlock!" LOL It's so fun reading Elizabeth 'kicking butt'

I love it! Good luck on the exams (augh I have them too) and please update sometime soon! :)
1/7/2008 c10 16germanviola7
HAHAHA loved it update more!
10/26/2007 c1 1crazibookwormi
Ahahahahaha! This is HILARIOUS! I love it. "Beckett: Norrythong? (Everyone looks disturbed) No… uh Norrington! That’s it! Is he here?" ROFL

Great chapter! I know this story is not complete yet, so keep updating!

o) is watching you...crazibookwormi
10/4/2007 c1 MrsTurner007
LOL! This is classic! I love it! I'll finish reading it later, but I HAD to drop in a review before I scampered off to bed...I have to turn in early because i'm having blood tests tomorrow...

Oh! And in case you forgot...this is still. And I have updated my profile with news about The Witch, the Pirate, and the Gypsy! so i hope you look at it! Your stories are great! love the writing's so...simple..and easy! Amazing! XD

love ya!

~bethykins the magnificent
9/18/2007 c9 2Scuff the Newsgoil
hey mrsPD.I'd just like to tell you that this is cutepig_ts and I just got an account,so if you're wondring who Blackiwi is,it's me.Update soon!You're faitful reviewer,

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