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11/30/2007 c14 bella
that was beautiful fic all the drama heartache
11/29/2007 c14 Cyndi-rhyla
Great ending.

Theres nothing better for us fanatics when we see our favorite couple ending together happily. I find it amusing that their children are heading on the same path as their parents with less drama, I suppose.

I love this story, it will definitely go on my favorites. I hope you write more LoVe stories.

11/29/2007 c14 GotChikinSoop
Aw, that was perfect. It was the perfect balance of fluff & angst (from the reflections of all they been through). I LoVe how you made it go full circle w/ Amy's & Adam's relationship & also the groupings. I hope to see more fic from you in the future.
11/29/2007 c14 6Beccakell13
I have to say that was quite the perfect ending! Great job with the story...I was actually a little nervous that something was gunna happen to Veronica while giving birth, but THANK YOU for not doing that! But yea, GREAT work with this story, I loved it through and through...despite my hate for some of the not so great moments in the LoVe really sucked me in!
11/29/2007 c14 10LoVefan4ever
Ok, not sure I can really give a good review... I'm totally mush right now. I absolutely LoVed it! From beginning to end it was fantastic! I love how you brought things full circle at the end with them becoming parents of teenagers themselves. I love how they have given their own children the chance at a true youth that they never had. And I can totally see there being a fued between the Kane and Echolls families in Neptune and their children overcoming it.

I loved Veronica's vows. I think that and the last part with them analyzing their children's relationships and the subsequent trip up to the room, were my favorite parts of the epilogue.

LoVe getting the chance to be happy after all they have been through... the best of all.

Great job. I love your writing and I hope to see much more from you in the future!
11/12/2007 c13 GotChikinSoop
Awesome update! Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you would have let DK mess up things b/t them again, I would have gone crazy! I LoVe the way V responded to his "True LoVe stories have no ending.", that wad just beyond awesome. Also, saying that her being w/ DK is worst than Logan being w/ Madison is so true. I'm just so glad they got pass this together. Can't wait to read about the wedding. Please let it happen!
11/10/2007 c13 000000oooooo00000000
Ha, Duncan is SO pathetic. I'm sorry, I just will never really like him, lol. I'm glad Logan and Veronica were strong enough to survive that!
11/10/2007 c13 6Beccakell13
I can't believe its coming to an end! Love your story! Though at times it made me very, very nervous. But you did an amazing job. Can't wait for the epilogue.
11/10/2007 c13 14AllisonSwan
LoVed it!
11/10/2007 c13 3goldeneyes09
Aww I loved the ending of this chapter! I love LoVe. Can't wait for the Epilogue!
11/9/2007 c12 26Kristal
Eeck! And mean cliffy right there! Great story, angsty and lovey all in one. Update! Write now!
11/1/2007 c12 3goldeneyes09
WOW, just WOW. this chapter was so powerful and I LOVED it! Ughh ciffhanger, my worst nightmares. Please update soon cause I can't wait to read what happens!
11/1/2007 c12 Cyndi-rhyla
Gah! why does Duncan tend to screw things up? I'm beginning to hate his existence :(

I sure hope they can move pass this. If they ever will, the first order of business will be getting rid of Duncan for good.

Thanks for the update. I'm not too happy with the turn of events but with fingers cross you'll give us LoVe fans something to be happy about.

11/1/2007 c12 jentreth
Damn Duncan! He's always been my least favorite character, and you've done nothing to redeem him ! Please post the rest soon-the sad ending is killing me!
11/1/2007 c12 6Beccakell13
NO NO NO NO NO! Stupid Duncan getting in the way of EVERYTHING! Great update...but I hope Logan & Veronica stay together!

Can't wait to read your next update!
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