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7/15/2007 c7 ItsMeElla
my heart hurts! I got so happy when they finally got together but of course angst ensues and my happiness get smashed! I loved it though. I love that Logan finally anounces that he still loves Veronica. I hate Max. Please please make me happy again!
7/15/2007 c7 10LoVefan4ever
Oh, did I tell you how much I love this story? My heart is literally aching. This has to end with a LoVe happy ending or I don't think I will ever get over it. j/k, but I just want them to get their acts toghether. Logan poured out his heart, now Veronica needs to fess up or risk losing her man forever!
7/15/2007 c7 hollly
Wow this is really good. its amazing how much you could fit in 7 chapters without making it feel rushed.
7/15/2007 c7 14AllisonSwan
great chapter
7/15/2007 c7 Cyndi-rhyla
Oh my God! after that speech, its Veronica's turn to go after Logan. I want them together. Nicole is bad news and Max is too subdued to be with a feisty blond like Veronica.

This is just wonderful. You are an amazing writer. Looking forward to read the next chapter.

7/15/2007 c7 39Adja
Well that sucks. Not the story, it rocks, but the situation ! That's so sad. People are getting hurt no matter what.
7/9/2007 c6 14AllisonSwan
stupid duncan
7/9/2007 c6 Cyndi-rhyla
Wow! This is an amazing story. If I have time I'd like to re-read everything again. I tend to focus more on Logan/Veronica relationship so I skip the first few chapters.

Its definitely a heart-wrenching tale. They're story is epic. No Duncan or anything can ever come through that. I am glad to have stumble upon this fic today. As much as I want them together, there are still a lot of issues that hang around them.For my peace of mind, they will get through this and be with each other again, right?

Looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers!
7/9/2007 c6 GotChikinSoop
I knew that more angst was coming for them, but I didn't know that it would happen so fast. Damn Duncan & his asshole tendencies. I knew where this was leading from the beginning, but I can't help but morn for the lost of LoVe. Please update soon!
7/8/2007 c6 7RIP GG and VM
Great chapter. Last two chapters, actually! It took me forever to read them! At least an hour, I think! BUt it was worth it!
7/8/2007 c6 000000oooooo00000000
Aw, that's really sad, I hate that Duncan is messing up their relationship, and I hope that Veronica is mature and tells Duncan that he was in love with the pink, fluffy, Lilly's-best-friend Veronica and not the person that she has grown up to be. I hope Logan and Veronica do something about their situation before Veronica leaves for training! Please update soon!
7/8/2007 c6 1enchantedlight
great chapter! update soon!
7/8/2007 c6 xosummerxo
wow good story but sad. wonder if logan going to go after her. looking forword to more updates
7/8/2007 c6 10LoVefan4ever
Oh, my heart is breaking. I should have known LoVe wouldn't be all hearts and flowers, though. They don't write songs about the ones that come easy. I'm just hoping for a classic LoVe reunion.
7/8/2007 c5 GotChikinSoop
LoVe the update. I like how you had them be friends for awhile after their falling out. They never really had a chance to be friends on the show & I think that would have been great for their relationship. Please update soon.
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