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for Harry's first Father's day

12/16/2018 c1 HermioneGamer
That was so sweet it make me cry
10/17/2015 c1 Guest
The grammar is too terrible to ignore.
6/3/2012 c1 RemySevvyFan

Remus would be a great father. He really should have spent more time with Harry, they are great as father and son.
6/17/2010 c1 kim
Awww, way cute! love harry/remus father/son fics!
2/22/2010 c1 11LivingInTheClouds
Wow, this is great. It's cool to see this kind of fic where Harry learns about his dad.
2/3/2010 c1 28Radon65
That was pleasant. There wasn't a ton of description, and Harry bringing Remus breakfast was unclear to me, but it was interesting. Cute idea.
10/12/2009 c1 34etherian
This was sweet! I'd love to see more of Harry and Remus if you're ever so inspired. :)
11/1/2008 c1 47Reader128
Ok... I meant to say this when I read the Mother's Day version (which, like this one, is AWESOME!), but you keep putting "drawl" instead of "draw." It just bugs me a little bit, which is funny since I can't spell to save my life. I wasn't sure if you had noticed it or not. Anyway, great story. The other one is great, too!
11/18/2007 c1 5TooManyIdeasToHold
This is a great story! Very good, and familial.

-Ultimate Lover Harry/Hermione
11/16/2007 c1 4neb92
“Yeah, exceptionally since the exams are so close,” He replied.

exceptionally should be especially.

They both turned in for the night. Harry took out some parchment and started to drawl.

drawl should be draw

I liked the idea, but you could have done so much more with it than you did. I really enjoyed this.

8/5/2007 c1 84supergirl3684
I'm glad Harry and Remus had each other on Father's day!
6/15/2007 c1 anna
Another well composed story! Glad that I was able to inspire you to do a Father's Day story. I have some memories of my dad. He past away when I was 5 years old of cancer of the spinal cord. Keep writing.
6/15/2007 c1 Vellouette
I love it! It's so cute!
6/15/2007 c1 15Lady Wolfie
Ahh! That was SO sweet! I can't stop smiling. Very cute.

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