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for zoids: project manticore

7/27/2007 c4 19TailedFox
Greatings from the 9 Tailed Fox. I like it. I think your chapters could be a little longer. As soon as I start to get intersted in the chapter you cut it off. I will say your good at leaving us on a clffs edge waiting to see what happen, but you might consider joining chapters one and two and then three and four just so the reader is drawn in more and they get a movie instead of snapshots. I hope i don't sound mean because i realy did enjoy it and am looking farward to the next chapter. Your wrighting style is happy and light mooded. I am also pleased that your story is actualy about zoids when so many others just wright about tragic love stories that all look the same after a while. I think you would like my story "Legacy of Heroes". It is a lot like yours in that it is a brake from the norm, although most complain it is too different. Anyway keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to the next snapshot. :)
7/13/2007 c4 Moriko Hikari
It's Ambient.
7/5/2007 c1 2DragonRiter
by the look of it, this is a relle awsome story. I'm surprised it got so little reviews.

One question (he, he, he) what's a zoid? It didnt tell me in the dictionary. :D
6/21/2007 c2 Drifting wolf
yes, i've always wanted a zoid... Van's blade Liger actually, or the liger zero... awesome story, but you must watch your grammar
6/15/2007 c1 2Moriko no Hikari
Short, but sweet!

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