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10/4/2009 c1 18Jaded Baby Blues
Oh! I loved it! This was just pure gorgeousness if that even is a word! Lol. You did a wonderful job in capturing the feelings of Kagerou. I don't particularly like her as a character but I had a feeling this was gonna be a good fic when I read your summary. I like fics that try to capture a character's emotions. Kagerou's feelings for Gennosuke is clear as day light in this fic. She's very possessive and obssessive of him, no! Good job!
9/3/2008 c1 12Sakura Sama 101
lol that was really good ^_^ i thought it was amazing ^_^! i deffinitely can't wait for an udpate becuz this one sounds like it's gonna be a good one ^_^

peace out

Sakura Sama 101
4/20/2008 c1 13Zinbuki-san
Kagero is easily my favorite character, simply because of her whole tragic plot thing. And this brought that out really well, and I love it! I think you captured her very well in this. It's fantastic. I honestly didn't know her name was May Fly, either, so this was educational for me too! XD Well done. A favorite for sure!
11/12/2007 c1 4Cadence of Her Last Breath
Sorry for the late review! I really enjoyed this fanfic. You have wow-ed me. I am not a Kagerou fan, but your story has converted me. I can sympathize for the poor woman who can never, ever have love in her grasp because of her Ninjitsu technique. I only saw a few spelling and grammatical errors, but there weren’t enough to distract me from your astounding writing skills. I’m mostly a lurker, but your writing really piqued my interest and I just HAD to write a review. Like you, I’m attracted to the more anguished characters [Hotarubi for me]. Please write another Basilisk fic;
7/5/2007 c1 82Judgement
Great fic. Kagerou was also one of my fav characters in Basilisk.
6/30/2007 c1
Very nice. Kagerou comes across as a complete cunt sometimes but there are also moments when you sympathize with her. Of course, if I had to choose I'd still pick Oboro over her.
6/18/2007 c1 132Samuraiko
Oh, I like it... Kagero has always been one of my favorite characters, and I do like the last line! Lovely work!



6/17/2007 c1 Kalis-nin
Very serene and I would like to read a fic like this again but with a different plot. I have a similar idea for a Basilsk fic. but it is very estranged from yours. I enjoy Kagerou the most in the Basilisk series out of all the females and I think you portraited her quite well. Continue writing similar fics they seem to be a great success.
6/16/2007 c1 DaFlAmEr02
Hmm, that book is sad... it was so good though that I read it in one day.

This is very ironic, I loathe Kikyo and I think Kagerou's a whore... but this is a good fic even though I don't like the character. Isn't it wonderful how they added Basilisk? Makes me want to write a story as well.

Even though my name is DaFlAmEr02, this is not a flame. I would only flame it if there was a freaking yuri pairing like every other damn Basilisk fic here. Good fic!
6/15/2007 c1 beth
liked it very much. she is also my favorite character as is kikyo.

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