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12/10/2007 c2 5MysticAutumn
wow, I am surpised that I just recently came across this!

'Like mice, playing their little gender games through the maze of socializing'

that line is dark and philosphical, like the entire fanfic. It give us a realistic outlook of the shell that is Anshi. Your in-depth view of her perception is unusual and very impressive.
7/4/2007 c1 9TehLetterM
^ ^ I like this! I think it's pretty cool to get a look at things from Anthy's perspective (instead of what others assume her perspective is) and I think the way you had Anthy go from her self-loathing musings to being her brother's submissive puppet was well done

The only crit I have is that I've never heard "sonkei" as a term for older brother, as far as I know, it's "oniisama".

Still, a neat little drabble

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