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11/18/2000 c1 3Trillian St.James
THIS WAS SO GOOD. you are a really good writer! I cant wait to read the rest.
7/25/2000 c1 jaclyn
it was pretty good. but im a big supporter of P/T, so i realaly didnt like this...but the story itself was good.
7/21/2000 c1 Guest
You handled the characters extremely well, and did an excellent job of evoking actual emotion from them. Sadly, I have to say that in comparison to the writing that is used on the series, however, this would just absolutely never do. You seem to have actually allowed characters to develop and think. Technobabble took a back seat to interpersonl conflict and character development. I really liked this. Too bad the real writers of that show don't pay as much attention to character as you did.

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