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1/24/2016 c10 1RougeRosette
I had hoped there were more details on the steamy scenes but I guess that's okay I liked how you characterize Sophia and Albel and how the plot went in this story. It's also not too long per chapter, and overall nice work!
7/16/2015 c10 7Mystifying Roses
This was really good! I enjoyed it a lot!
10/3/2008 c10 2SassyMysticalEngr
Awe this was cute, I loved the ending! Even I protest the pairing of Albel X Sophia, the story complimented it the whole, which it made it make sense. Good job! Most definitely kudos.

8/24/2008 c10 7ChibiDaveyHavok
I read over all the chapters carefully, and I must say this was a pleasant story. It has a nice happy ending, though I'm not a fan of AlbelXSophia, I thoughted it was very nice. Keep up the very nice writing and I hope to read more of your stories. Very nice work.

5/23/2008 c9 2SassyMysticalEngr
Good story sofar I couldn't click away (yeah that good), keep it up! When ever you get time check out my Star Ocean Story.

5/23/2008 c9 renderedvoice
Very interesting concept and I like the way you portray Sophia in this. She isn't too gentle or too tough. Haha, and I loved it when Sophia kissed Albel to get away from him (and also the following Albel/Sophia parts XD). Darn, wish I could leave you a better comment but I'm tired and my brain isn't working, lol. _

Hope you update soon!
5/20/2008 c9 4Little Miss Loved
Ahh, brilliant. The characters seem true to character but Maria...am I sensing a FaytxMaria thing goin' on here? ;D haha.

I'm still hooked, I'm really looking forward to reading your next update!

Ah MackwellxSophiaxAlbel...thats hot. Random...
5/20/2008 c7 Little Miss Loved
Woah. Biwig scares me. Entirely. I mean, just because he looks like a parrot does not not make him no scary. That didn't make sense...


Sophia is fighting back! Yeah!
5/20/2008 c8 Little Miss Loved
:D hehehehehe. Albel and Sophia sitting in a tree,...awwhh, you know the rest. Wow, now that I've been reading this for sometime...hmm I really can't believe that Sophia is this kind of person. It does give it a controversial-like twist though! I'm excited for some more updates!
4/21/2008 c9 14Rogue Daffodil
Now it all makes sense. Oh, poor Sophia... And Maria. How cluless can you get? Anyway, I hope Sophia will be alright, and that Albel is there for her somehow. Great update, can't wait for the next one!

~Rogue Daffodil~
4/17/2008 c9 8shadowwolf75
Yes, Maria has a temper, but she's generally not THAT bad unless it's directed at Dr. Leingod. Go run through the game again if you're having trouble keeping her in character. I'm only saying this because if you have Maria be the bad guy too much, not only is she out of character, you'll be accused of bashing her.

Heh, with that little issue out of the way, I can't wait to see what Albel is going to do about all this.
4/16/2008 c9 4Gentle Smile
Another great chapter :D

Keep it up! Always brightens my day when an update arrives x
4/15/2008 c9 6Mayab
*crying for Sophia* Poor Sophia! Evil Maria! Yeah for Albel! *continues crying while saying random things*
4/15/2008 c9 2xXx Tinkies xXx
Great chapter! Keep up the awesomeness & please continue a.s.a.p.! ^_^
4/11/2008 c8 8shadowwolf75
One very impressive thing about this fic is how you've managed to keep from hinting too much at what's REALLY going on with poor Sophia. I have a couple of guesses, some more likely than others, but it could be any of them.

And you get extra kudos for using Biwig, regardless if he's really there or not. If you think about it, that Vendeeni took more from Fayt than Luther ever did, but look who gets written about more. I guess you have to be a bishounen to get any respect as a villain around here . . .

Speaking of bishies, though, you've done great with Albel. Even when he's nice, he's still going to be sorta rude about it.
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