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for Love Of The Forrbidden Kind

2/5/2012 c8 4I'mStillTired
that was beautiful:')

i loved reading it!
8/15/2009 c8 1ArayLynn
from her death on i cried i want to kill robin thats sad but good
12/24/2008 c8 13XxXHarleyQuinnXxX
awesome story, it made me cry...
9/2/2008 c8 10raerobgal
*Wipes away tears* That was such a sweet ending! Poor Cy + Jinx... they lost theit baby :( But Hope is with Raven and Robert (Red X) now watching over them. And Star is pregnant with Speedys baby, yay! BB is finding a cure for Terra so then he can be happy again aswel :)

This was a great story!

ur friend

9/2/2008 c7 raerobgal
Haha too right hes insane! He's freaking metnally ill! You let Red X die... :'(
9/2/2008 c6 raerobgal
:O DONT LET RED X HANG HIMSELF! But he woudl be with Raven that way... NO! DONT LET HIM! Please ?
9/2/2008 c5 raerobgal
At least theyre recovering now :) But Robin was a sick person! He killed so many people! :O I'm disgusted. Lol.
9/2/2008 c4 raerobgal
Shes an angel! And she gave BB a sign, yay! :)
9/2/2008 c3 raerobgal
:O I had no idea you were still writing this! OMG i'm so sorry! Poor Cyborg, Starfire and BB. And Red X :'(

Such a sad chappie - off 2 read the next one now :)
7/17/2008 c8 3paula2284
aww that was soo sad!

but i like how everyone thought of her as an angel

besides robin.. but he's crazy so it doesnt really matter

really good! and i like how u displayed red x

6/23/2008 c8 18Xaleria07
I remember reading this story a while ago while I still didn't have an account on . I loved it but it was so long ago I forgot to come back to story once I got an account. ^^

OMG! But I love it! Raven and X's love for each other was truly to the death (No pun intended)! :) And it was awesome that they ended up together! . And Robin ended up in an asylum, haha, that's where he belongs.


6/6/2008 c8 25Beautifuldeath92
Aw so sweet! a little creepy on robins part but still sweet! i love it!
6/6/2008 c1 Beautifuldeath92
Truely beautiful! Very deep and heart felt. I loved it!
1/19/2008 c8 18DarkGirlRavenGrayson
great story very touching i loved it. :]

1/19/2008 c7 DarkGirlRavenGrayson
robin you are very rude and cruel in this and i want you to get a concusion from hitting ur head on that wall so many times!

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