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5/4/2009 c13 2Lone-Wolf-Wanderer
Whoa! This story is AWESOME! Please try to update soon I think it's getting to the best part.

7/4/2008 c13 35NatsNeko
I can just imagine that room...uh...SasuSaku of course!
7/2/2008 c13 6Kakashilover94
i like the pairings naru/hina, shika/ino, and/or saku/sasu/ten anyway i can see maybe 1-3 chapters, though i like this fic, i rather not see it end soon :) hm...write more!...soon :P
7/2/2008 c13 2SunandStars09

love it

i hope neji and Hinata will make it out okay :/

and tenten po0r her

go sakura&sasuke :D
7/2/2008 c12 SunandStars09

u have 2 update faster
7/1/2008 c12 14onlyIcanRULEtheWORLDlikeIdo
Naruto Lives! and he saved Sakura! and they're going to save Hinata and Neji! after all... I know you hate character deaths XD
7/1/2008 c12 FakeCompassion
Yay! Update! I'm so happy. =D
7/1/2008 c12 6Kakashilover94
hm...interesting plot, UPDATE SOON! i luv this fic, and where its heading, besides i wanna know what happens to hinata neji and everyone else! :) write more soon :)
5/11/2008 c11 7Red Reaper88
that was great...update soon
5/4/2008 c11 6Kakashilover94
I luv your plot so far, how everyone seems to b in a predictiment where they can die any given monment, but was so close to b'n save...though theres a chance...or will...or wont...i like how you have no idea whats happing until it happens...anyway WRITE MORE!...:)
5/3/2008 c11 2SunandStars09
update so0n

i love this story
5/3/2008 c11 FakeCompassion
=O! No0o0o0o Neji don't drownded! .
1/29/2008 c10 15Glory of Dawn
wow this was really good...i was kinda braindead and couldnt write anything so i decided to look at this. I liked it. I thought it would be some cheap TX chainsaw Massacre or saw type thing...i was surprised. lol, keep up the good work, sparkle-pants! (if im mixing u and sum1 else up im realy sry)
12/23/2007 c10 6Kakashilover94
i love ur fic...but when naruto says we need to spit up. the seventh line down from it u spelled can wrong u jus added an e though... can't wait til the next chapter! :D
12/23/2007 c10 HawaiianCaffeine
wow, that's CRAZY...wonder what they have to do with some 'revenge' that nobody knows about...hope at least SOMEBODY'll make it out...

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