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for A Lack of Color

9/11/2016 c4 jessbritt
I love it
5/23/2012 c4 lachicarebelde22
Pls tell me u'll write more & that nathan & rachel will endup 2gether
11/22/2009 c4 24TVCrazed
Ooh is Rachel pregnant?

5/16/2009 c4 Rachel-xox
please carry on with this story. i really like it
7/31/2008 c4 2Conspiracies
What the hell! You can't make an amazing story and then leave people dangling. PLEASE update soon! I know it's been a little over a year but it's okay. I'm sure the reviewers will forgive. Finish please! Even if it's ONE more chapter to finish it.
7/18/2008 c4 11Fire Tears X
Wow, there's so much left to tell/explain and you haven't updated this chapter in almost year. Usually when I don't continue a story it's because the writing is unsatisfying or the fanbase(or lack thereof) is weak. This story doesn't have ANY of those factors and I hope that you consider finishing it soon.

In other words, PLEASE add another chapter. I'm dying to know what happens to Rachel next. I would also like to know what happened with Brooke... but I'm sure you have some sort of idea for her.
7/18/2008 c2 Fire Tears X
OMG, poor Rachel! Your description of her rape was AMAZING and I was broken by what Nathan had to go through seeing Rachel that way.
7/18/2008 c1 Fire Tears X
Wow, this is just amazing! This is one of the first fanfics in a while that had me captured from the first four stanzas. First off, I gotta say that I LOVE how in touch the characters are. Especially Rachel. I also love that they are 21/22 and they act their age(and not 50). I love this and I can't wait to read through the next chapter.

P.S. That sex scene was the business. Totally caught me off guard!
2/11/2008 c4 7jva88
sarah! this fic is awesome. you need to update it. love NR so much.
8/18/2007 c4 4LouLouBear1213
I really like this story. It's sad. But the first chapter was second chapter was funny with the part about Lucas turning on Maybe Tomorrow. That was really funny. Update soon.
8/11/2007 c4 5SMBear
“Watching Days of Our Lives. And crying.”

^ Made me laugh.

I really like the parallel between what happened to Peyton with PsychoBob and Lucas being there for and the similar situation Nathan and Rach are experiencing. I love the Scott brothers.

Poor Nathan but Peyton is right, she needs more help than what he can give to her but it's a good sign that she was able to sleep through the whole night with him beside her.

Please continue the story.

Steph x
8/7/2007 c4 5Daniella Consuela
Nathan really cares for Rachel, I love that. I'm kinda bummed that Rachel's having to open up to Petyon again but I understand it (As long as they're still best friends I'm alright). I love this story! Update soon.
8/6/2007 c1 LikeOoh
Truly amazing. I think you really got the feel of the OTH writing but of course with much better results. I think that the actual show could progress into this, it all had a realistic feel to it and thats what made it seem like so much more than a fanfic. I also really loved that you got to the good stuff early on. Usually you have to claw through the endless realizations before teh sex ;)
8/4/2007 c4 Rejobu
Gah, I love this story. You're doing a good job of throwing in some fun stuff to balance out all the angsty drama. I loved the part about Peyton watching 'Days of Our Lives' and crying. And that Nathan was calling Rachel to check up on Peyton instead of the other way around. haha

The Rachel/Nathan, the Rachel/Peyton, the Nathan/Peyton - I love all of the various interactions.

Please update this soon!
7/28/2007 c4 Lorilozz
Another great chapter, Sarah. I love how you showed the effect this event has had on Nathan, not only emotionally, but also on his work as well.

It was great having Peyton show understanding after having gone though what she did with PsychoDerek. It really seemed to get through to Rachel, if only a little.

Nathan's difficult decision of whether or not to get her help is heartbreaking. Going against the ones you love, even when you know it is in their best interests is always hard to do.
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