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for Of Mongrels and Raisin Bread

8/6/2009 c1 5thecommodoreswife
This is so sweet! If only Elizabeth didn't jilt Norrington...
3/21/2009 c1 17SirenoftheStorm
Aww, I love Norrington with the puppy!

I've always thought that if I could, I'd give him a kitten. He needs to learn how to play again, because I think he's forgotten.
3/20/2009 c1 65Agent Malkere
Oh, reading this just made my day so much better - and I've been having a fairly dreadful day! Beautiful writing! A truly inspired story!

~Agent Malkere
8/29/2008 c1 Helala
I love it. In character and well-written. :)

Yay for happy endings for Norrington!
8/8/2008 c1 4I'll Show You a Sweet Dream
I thought that was really sweet. I cannot begin to fathom how Elizabeth could just let Norrington be so uncomfortable and sad and hopeless all the time if they did marry. This story brings out a side of James that most PotC fans can easily overlook. He really is very sweet!

7/17/2008 c1 christyfiction
Norribeth Norriebeth! YEAH

Loved this story. I wish you'd turned it into a longer one by leaving out the last pharagraph you could. Great Job
3/27/2008 c1 13Mrs.DeppQueenObsessorGoddess
I absolutely LOVE this fic! It's so sweet. :)
1/27/2008 c1 Flute-Angel21
That was amazing!

I loved it! I love it so much!

You captured both James and Elizabeth perfectly!

One of the best I've ever read. I'm a big Norribeth shipper!

Thank you for this brilliant story!
12/28/2007 c1 danielle
No other Pirates fanfics will top this one. Awesome story.
12/13/2007 c1 7AllMightyPen
I loved it. Very good.
11/20/2007 c1 14the Icelandic sheep
It began like something sad, but darn, it turned well out! Great job! ;)
10/10/2007 c1 11NarcissaVenus
Aw! This was ADORABLE!
8/30/2007 c1 3tallulah daze
I think I might love you.


Beautiful, beautiful ficlet, made me /melt/!

Your writing is wonderful, there is so much skill apparents, and the little plot was just so pretty and sweet and 'aw' worthy.

8/30/2007 c1 4Random Authoress
This story is AWESOME! The banter between them is great, and very in-character.
7/31/2007 c1 sleepy lotus
i was skeptical about the dog theme at first, but you wrote it very well. good job!
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