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for May Flowers

7/3/2023 c1 josefa453
4/10/2016 c1 2snapehermione394
Loved this story.
1/13/2012 c1 Seyfert
What a fantastic story, I love it! :)
4/28/2010 c1 16goblinphantomgirl
very clever story, not what i was expecting. Well done :) God Bless xx
2/1/2010 c1 4neener.will.quit
aw. cute, witty, and clever.

10/31/2009 c1 10jbduenweg
Heeheehee. This is just...hilariously amazing! Their conversation sounds soo...dirty.

great job!

7/16/2007 c1 17Odi et amo
That was awesome.
7/14/2007 c1 18wickedsugarrush
aw, It just works beautifully!
7/1/2007 c1 snapebaby27
LMAO at how dirty that sounded! great job
6/30/2007 c1 7Bookworm.Annie
haha loved it!
6/21/2007 c1 2prisca419
I am in pain! I never thought it would hurt this badly to try not to laugh. The librarians are giving me strange looks. I never comment but felt that yours deserved a pat on the back. kudos to you!
6/21/2007 c1 24sportsnightnut
Ah, brilliant! I keep giggling, hehe. This was so lovely.
6/21/2007 c1 18Abbey Snape
aww, this was so well done.

we learned a little bit about flowers in English class this year (because of Hamlet, actually), so this was really interesting.

6/20/2007 c1 30Half-elf
That was great. It was so funny to picture them squirming during that rather ambiguous conversation. Great job.
6/19/2007 c1 65notwritten
very well done

It's good.
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