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7/5/2019 c15 33BrokenChosenofEva
This was a wonderful work, I'm glad I came across it!
I enjoyed your portrayal of the Tok'Ra, and I didn't know I needed Jacob understanding Selmak's sounds because he's the host until you wrote it here, that's a wonderful addition.
9/4/2018 c15 8dinopoodle
Please write a sequel! Great story, maybe she becomes a tok'ra.
2/1/2015 c15 4amare2scribo
Really liked this story, so different to other SG1 fanfics I have read.
12/24/2013 c15 coppertop777
i really liked it good ending
12/24/2013 c1 coppertop777
love it so far only on chapter 5 cant wait to read the rest very well written and imaginative and stuck to the characters personalities from the show well too
1/1/2011 c1 Greenlaser
An intriqing opening chapter. The storyline shows foresight as well as an understanding of karmic repercussions. The language is colloquial for those of 21st century high school socialization. It could use some brighter adjectives. There are a couple of "tense" switches and one possesive pronoun with an unclear reference which are slightly distracting. It has a good flow and I liked the idea. It has a strong finish inspiring me to want to read more. Overall "A-"
11/13/2009 c15 5FORD B
Great read and great ending!
11/10/2009 c15 1Morgomir
Great ending. Keep up the good work.
11/8/2009 c15 2MuseUrania
I was surprised to see this story pop up again, but I liked the ending. Didn't even have to go back into the story to remember it. I hope you do write a sequel even if it takes another three years.
11/8/2009 c15 79Roeskva
I liked your story - thanks for writing it :) Please write more stories about the Tok'ra!
11/8/2009 c15 1Princess-Lazy-Chan
lol this was an awesome finish to a wicked sory :)

11/7/2009 c15 112ALIMOO1971
Great story and chapter, just one question, why didn't Jacob use the healing device on Maria wounds? keep up the good work
7/9/2009 c14 1Princess-Lazy-Chan
cool as i like it :)

2/12/2009 c14 112ALIMOO1971
GReat chapter, sorry for not reading and reviewing sooner, my husband and i just move into a new house last week, the place still looks like a tornado been through it. we are slowly unpacking. looking ford to the next chapter, now for me back to my two weeks wourth of e-mails, lol
2/11/2009 c14 5FORD B
This chapter was far from boring. Sad to hear the story is ending, but that's how stories go. Looking forward to seeing how it ends.
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