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for A World of Darkness Book I

3/13/2010 c25 rogueraven1
wow...i cant find the right words to express how i love this book.on to book 2
6/10/2009 c1 2FourRustedScars
A good read and I shall continue reading. Well written too. 5/5.
5/1/2009 c2 shotbyanepoch
Sorry this took so long. I can't read the whole story, but after reviewing the first two chapters, I only have a couple of suggestions because there's nothing horrible about your writing. Just run a spell check before you post them, there's not a lot of misspelled words but there's enough to bother me, and I have to say that I'm very picky about spelling. I also see you write in the present tense, which is fine but also distracting to some readers.
12/8/2008 c25 barbiedoll
Damn! I just read this since this morning and I luv it! This is so different from most fanfic with sorcery involved. I do love it and it involves two of my favourites, Jeff and Undertaker. Am going to read the sequel next. Keep on writing!
9/20/2008 c25 Divine Arion
Well, I can honestly say this is an outstanding story I have just read. You truly have a gift, and I can't wait to read the next part of this story.
9/20/2008 c24 Divine Arion
Oh, poor Jeff! I hope he pulls through! Last part, was freakin' hilarious! I can't wait to read more!
9/20/2008 c23 Divine Arion
Oh, I can't wait! I'm on the edge of my seat! can't wait to see Glen & Jeff vs. Randy & Dave!
9/20/2008 c22 Divine Arion
This was a fine chapter, nothing wrong with it. I rather enjoyed seeing the confliction among the men. Wonderful job! :)
9/20/2008 c21 Divine Arion
Oh, I can feel things are starting to reach the pinnacle point. Excellent work, you're keeping me so excited! :)
9/20/2008 c20 Divine Arion
Wonderful chapter. I loved every moment of it. So heartfelt and silly. I can't tell you enough how much I love this story.
9/20/2008 c19 Divine Arion
Great chapter! I really enjoyed reading everyone's perspective. It's official, I'm really disliking Randy and Dave.
9/20/2008 c18 Divine Arion
I'm getting more and more intrigued as this story plays out. I really enjoyed the stuffed animal part. That was so cute. XD I wonder how the power play is going to work out the two sides. Oh, so exciting! XD
9/20/2008 c17 Divine Arion
Awesome chapter! So much drama and intensity! I'm getting goosebumps! I especially loved Jeff's hug to Glen. Aww, so cute! XD
9/20/2008 c16 Divine Arion
Very interesting stuff here. I loved how you showed everyone's perspective on things, the good side vs. the evil side. Wonderful, it's getting more intense by the second.
9/20/2008 c15 Divine Arion
I really enjoyed the conversation between Jeff and Mark. I also love how you sprinkle little bits of humor. It really adds to the reality of the story.
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