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for A World of Darkness Book I

9/20/2008 c14 Divine Arion
I too really like the Hardy Boys. If you're giving them a more prominant role, then I'm all for it. Another excellent chapter.
9/20/2008 c13 Divine Arion
I thought there was nothing wrong with this chapter. It just adds more intensity to the story and includes the perspective from other characters.
9/20/2008 c12 Divine Arion
Aw, I loved it. It was so sweet, emotional, hilarious. I especially loved that little towel bit. Lol, wouldn't we all like to that to them?
9/20/2008 c11 Divine Arion
Wonderful chapter. I can't tell you enough how much I'm enjoying this story. It's so very well written, painting a visual picture for the reader to follow. I especially loved the brotherly moment when Glen was comforting Mark.
9/20/2008 c10 Divine Arion
Wonderful chapter. I loved everything about the chapter, all of their feelings and the cute, silly ending.
9/20/2008 c9 Divine Arion
Very nice chapter on Mark's perspective. I really enjoyed reading about his background, especially his mother.
9/20/2008 c8 Divine Arion
Excellent work. I love how you indulge us in the character's past alot. It gives more depth to the character. And the stench part hilarious. Great job!
9/20/2008 c7 Divine Arion
Goodness, it's getting more thrilling by the second. This story is really awesome. I can't wait to see what Mark and Glen will do now.
9/20/2008 c6 Divine Arion
Poor Glen and Mark. How I'm hating that evil little jerk, Paul! Hope Mark breaks free! The intensity is awesome here. Btw, excellent job on the background part with Glen.
9/20/2008 c5 Divine Arion
Oh, plot thickens. I wonder what's going to happen to our boys. Wonderful job, you're keeping me on my toes.
9/19/2008 c4 Divine Arion
Excellent chapter. I loved all the humorous moments: the black outfit, the restroom/bush joke, American Asshole. LOL, awesome.

That last part was so eerie, yet thrilling. It reminds me a lot of a video game called Silent Hill. If you haven't heard of it, surely check it out if you're into horror/supernatural. It's similar to the movie Jacob's Ladder. I highly recommend that too if you haven't seen it.
9/19/2008 c3 Divine Arion
Oh evil Paul Bearer! He sent chills down my spine!

I loved the interaction with Mark and Glen earlier in the chapter.

Great job! :)
9/19/2008 c2 Divine Arion
Oh, poor Mark. He needs a hug. So terrible what's happened to him.

I'm getting more intriguied by the second. Nice job expressing the feelings in this chapter.
9/19/2008 c1 Divine Arion
Okay, I've finally gotten the time to sit down and review your story. I've been wanting to read it, but I'd rather do it all at once.

I'm just blown away by it so far. I'm loving it. I love dark fantasy/sci-fi, which ever you prefer.

Excellent work and written so well too. :)
9/7/2008 c25 136wrestlefan4
WOW! Amazing, thats just about all I can say!
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