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for A World of Darkness Book I

9/6/2008 c13 136wrestlefan4
I love this story so much, I love the ideas of Taker and Kane really being like their in ring gimmick I love it! I can't wait to read more, I am so addicted. However I have to stop with this chapter right now because I just realize it is 2:30am and I have to get up in the morning! I love the storyline, plot, the relationship between Mark/Glen, their little jabs and jokes they take at each other, the McMahons, the other wrestlers, your attention to detail and backstory, just everything! It's amazing really. I'm glad you tackled writing a story like this. :D
9/5/2008 c8 wrestlefan4
I just started reading this story and I love it! :D
8/27/2008 c25 kiss316
wow, quite the story you have here. i just discovered this, and must say that i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. glad to see it is not the end and that u have another part for me to read, which i plan on doing now. keep up the great work!
7/6/2008 c25 96TheVampireLucinda
Excuse the language but...this is fucking EPIC! Have I told you that this story is awesome? If so, I'm tellin' ya again, 'cause this story is awesome! It's so unique, and the plot is so rich... I love it, of course. *smiles*

By the way, the wait wasn't that long, and hell, I think I speak for most when I say, "Take as long as you need, because every chapter is great." :) Seriously, no rush, this is fantastic.

And, oh, dividing it into books... Never once did the idea occur to me, haha, but it's a great idea. Looking forwards to books 2,3,4, however many there are.

7/6/2008 c25 ancary
And here´s the final chapter :)

I´ve enjoyed this story a lot. Its been very well written, and many times i´ve found myself not sure about we were going, and im not lying, unsure if i was going to keep liking it..but you´ve always showed i was wrong, because i kept reading :)

One of the best stories i´ve read, honestly.

Okay, see you in the next book.
7/6/2008 c25 18XinnLajgin
As I said before, its all about pacing and you do it beautifully. I love your story and hopefully you won't take too long to update it.
7/5/2008 c25 162Dark Kaneanite
WOW..that is all I can say, I wish I could portray the emotions that you bring with just a few sentences. I cried almost the entire way through the chapter, then again this line made me laugh until my sides hurt. "Yeah you two should hit it off great she’s a big ancient dragon and you’re a big ancient ass" Anyways keep it up, I'll definately stick with your story.
5/12/2008 c24 Izzy the Rose
Once again, a great chapter. I am offically hooked on this story. The ending made me laugh till my sides hurt. I agree with Daria though. I also sense some potential slash action between Glen and Jeff, which would be splendid.
5/10/2008 c24 justkimmy
Awesome chapter! Looking forward to more.
5/8/2008 c7 96TheVampireLucinda
LOLZ! My review got edited...now it looks weird... What I said was, you're way to h-a-r-d o-n yourself, not hard on! Lol! Silly !

5/8/2008 c24 18XinnLajgin
Despite what you think this is a good chappie. You left off at the perfect spot for both comic relief from the eariler drama and speculation and anticipation for the next chappie.
5/8/2008 c24 96TheVampireLucinda
Souless, you're way too hard on yourself (aren't we all though). This was an excellent chapter! That "match" itself was really interesting, especially Kane's temporary madness towards to end of it all. And poor Jeff! He's so essential in so many ways...

The ending made me laugh pretty hard, by the way. ^_^

So, yeah, this chapter was good, so don't worry about it. *smiles* And don't feel as though you have to rush-it'll come on it's own, as I'm sure you well know.

Well, I'm off~ *vanishes in a puff of smoke*

5/8/2008 c24 162Dark Kaneanite
*bows deeply* Another great update hun, poor glen *hugs him* Hopefully he didn't kill the others, just take them off the roster for some time, although when they get back they might wish that he did kill them...lol. And is my slash dector working right, is there something going on between Jeff and Glen, more than you're letting on? can't wait for the next update, I have to find out about the two travelers, any why they're dressed the way they are.
5/7/2008 c23 Izzy the Iron Rose
Absolutley fantastic! Please continue real soon! I can't wait for Glen to beat the shit out of Orton and Batista.
4/27/2008 c23 Dark Kaneanite
Ack! evil cliffie...sadistic glen, he makes psycho so hot...and he's still champ...does happy dance. keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next chappy.
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