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for A World of Darkness Book I

4/27/2008 c23 96TheVampireLucinda
Yes, excellent! Time for an old school beat down...

I love this story, I really do. Looking forwards to the next part, but no rush. ^_^

4/27/2008 c23 18XinnLajgin
Do unto others as they say. Or better yet they break your heart you break their' legs. Fury thy name is Kand and it is good. I'm so enjoy this asswhoop'n.
4/27/2008 c23 ancary
Another great chapter :) I really love how you explain and go into the wrestler´s thoughs (Randy Orton, for example) and uses examples from the past which, somehow, fits perfect in the plot (Jeff Hardy vs Taker).

Im impatient to see what happens now, honestly; if Mark and Glen join soon again, and what happens next chapter than you mention in the prologue.

Wish you the best.
4/24/2008 c22 1DevilsScorpio
Just wow. I'm not really sure I can say anything else but wow. The story is amazing, it's very well written and I can't wait to see how it ends. Thank you so much for such a great, unique and interesting story.
4/21/2008 c22 96TheVampireLucinda
Oh, wow, thanks for the mention, Souless. *blushes*

But, more importantly, I love your story, and I think this chapter flows very well. Don't feel pressured to update, though. ^_^ The Musi come as they wish, or so someone told me, and I believe her. *smiles* I enjoy every chapter of this, and the plot is so rich...

Looking forwards to where this goes next!


P.S.-I thought I added this to my Favs list a while ago, but apparently it didn't work...curse you ! *tries again*
4/19/2008 c22 162Dark Kaneanite
Bravo, hun. Great Chappie, I didn't see anything wrong with it, even teared up when Jeffy was speaking. I want to see the hell of Geln unleashed on Orton and Batista...lol so to speak. Thanks for the shout out too...I am eagerly wating for your next chapter.
4/19/2008 c22 18XinnLajgin
Great place to leave people hanging this has mouth watering possiblilities written all over it.
4/19/2008 c22 justkimmy
Fantastic chapter. so looking forward to more.
4/18/2008 c21 162Dark Kaneanite
all I can say is WOW...there really isn't any other word for it. This is a really good story with interesting delevopements at every corner. Definately going on my fave's list.
4/5/2008 c21 ancary
Once again, this has been a great chap. I really like your story, probably because i cant predict whats going to happen and for all the insides you give about the wrestlers (like HBK in this chapter) which share with my own thoughts about them most of the time. When i started, i was looking for a Kane/Taker fic, now you´ve given me (us) a different fic i had expected and still i dont think the fic i wanted would have been any better. You´ve got a very good plot, and i love see the wrestlers here, and of course, Glen and Mark. Awesome job, and sorry i cant help with spelling mistakes, since english is not my first language (and sure i make lot of mistakes just writing this review)

Btw, BoD are holding belts again! This has been a great week :)
4/3/2008 c21 justkimmy
I just found this story. Awesome. I am hooked. I couldn't stop reading it! You can sure write a great story. So looking forward to more!
4/2/2008 c21 18XinnLajgin
In the immortal words of one Jim Ross business just picked up.
3/26/2008 c14 Izzy the Iron Rose
i am at a loss for words. this is one of the best kane/taker stories i've read. i love the bond between both pairs of brothers. i can't wait to read the next chapter. please continue writing. ^_^
3/20/2008 c20 XinnLajgin
Cool chappie and you're welcome. The concept of traveling through the darkside is very original and very cool. I especially loved the part where Kane and Undertaker were rough housing. The mental image was just so funny that I had to take a break so that I could laugh up a lung.
3/19/2008 c19 XinnLajgin
Hopefully somebody will run interference for the brothers.
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