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9/28/2015 c13 valiant
so not liking the end of this...pls does it have a continuation yet
5/22/2015 c6 Guest
WHAT THE HELL?! If i was Troy i would NEVER 4give Gabriella. Poor Troy, stupd Gabriella. Luv this story btw. GR8 WORK!
10/26/2014 c13 112ashleychan
Please, pretty please finish!
6/18/2010 c13 3Fairyvixenmaiden
I hope you are still there.

I have some ideas. Look for a PM from me.

Hope they help.
6/27/2008 c13 18mzdarkstar
OMG, soz for the late review, and well done on this chappie! I think I've missed a bit, so I'm going to read part 12.

Star* * *
6/21/2008 c13 Emily

I just finished reading chapter 13!


really good.

Luvvin the story line

i h8 Tyler

i almost liked him for a sec back there.

But some people never change lol.

Please please please make Troy and gabbi end up 2gether.

i cldnt stand it if they didnt! lol

Keep writing



6/6/2008 c13 12bluehyperpixie
i can't believe you put something up after so long!

but i know things are getting rough for you on HSM fanfics

BTW i'm planning on joining that forum you've been bugging me a bout today so i'll see you there

this chapter was pretty short you know...

6/5/2008 c13 2719.take.my.hand.719
this was a great chapter. can't wait til you get more ideas for the story
3/30/2008 c12 719.take.my.hand.719
Great can't wait for update
2/14/2008 c12 18mzdarkstar
Hey . . . wait a minute! This ain't a chapter, it's an authors note! LOL.

Good luck with your chappie . . . . you should have Troy beat up Tyler.

Or you should get Tyler to have West High gang up on them.

Chat soon, dahlin' :P

Star* * *
2/12/2008 c12 2TheMaX
heyy i just started reading your story and its amazing!

I think to help yor writers block, you should have tyler confront Troy about Gabriella and end up beating Troy up to get his revenge
1/28/2008 c11 12bluehyperpixie
I though you were gonna start a new story! I think you should make this the prologue of a sequal because the ending of teh last one was so good!

And if your stuck for ideas why not:

1) read the story again and see if something pops out of nowhere!

2) Make Tyler and Troy work together to bring down Gabriella Montez

3) Get sharpay involved!

You can't go wrong with making Sharpay the but of a joke

1/27/2008 c11 Splitster7
I think that you should knock some sense into Gabi! She loves Troy, NOT THE JERK Tyler!
1/20/2008 c3 5starbook
lol chad!

and they FINALLY got together! yayy!
1/8/2008 c11 18mzdarkstar

At LAST! So yeah, great idea! I like how you carried it on. Tyler's a jerk. Please, get rid of him!

I have an idea for your story, but I'll just tell you tomorrow. Bye!

Star* * *
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