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5/30/2012 c6 1Invader Ivy
So does Jill have power over the shadows do? Does she?
12/10/2008 c6 Sarah
*fangirl squeal*

love it! And my name is Sarah! Yay!
12/21/2007 c6 6sO-aSiAn
Yay! Chapter 6! Zexion is a meany butt face! You're probably wondering why I just said that... Just ignore my retardedness! :D
12/12/2007 c6 4Ocean's Nocturne of the COCA
*releases Fred* Mwahaha! Don't ask a supporter of the 'emo-pity-crap' to help lock up a fellow emo-pity-craper! And it's not crap OR emo! It's ANGST! A-N-G-S-T, Got it memorized?

...It be good. Roxas blows up at Zezzy...*giggle* Good for you , Roxas! Break the boundaries of rank!
10/11/2007 c5 2Calm Insanity
ugh...not all of us are afraid of spiders! ...okay, well alot of us are...but oh well! are you gonna add more to this chapter, cause you haven't for a while...lol

love the story!

8/15/2007 c5 6sO-aSiAn
OMG... i hate it when people do the OMG thing but it was necessary here. i really am falling in love with this story for it's really funny. you should keep writing it! in other words hurry with the next chapter please!
8/10/2007 c5 Emyx
Yes, I changed my pen name.



i need more oodles of Demyx goodness!
7/20/2007 c5 Mischievous Wolf of Twilight
wolfie- cool story! update a.s.a.p. please!
7/10/2007 c5 6Maple Story of Anime of COCA
O.o Wow. this story is addicting...And zexy needs a hug! x3 !

But seriously great story, update soon please!
7/10/2007 c5 Emyx
But...wasn't it Fred an George who turned Ron's teddy bear into a spider, therefore causing his lifetime, comic arachnophobia?

Good chap, albeit a short one.

Keep writing!

7/9/2007 c5 4breezy034
so nice! I can't wait for more.
7/9/2007 c3 4White Wolf of the C.O.C.A
hey... its good but... zexions mine! and u know ikt !
7/3/2007 c2 4breezy034
I can't wait till the next chapter!
6/23/2007 c4 Emyx
OK, ideas...gee, I wonder WHAT could possibly happen next. (sarcasm galore) Let's see, we still have two single Nobodies and AT LEAST two willing and ready fangirls. Savvy?

AW! Roxy's growing up! (dodges slap)
6/23/2007 c3 Emyx
Sarah...You're enjoying this too much. There's no denying your status as a fangirl now.
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