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6/23/2018 c6 Crepuscular Owl
I really enjoyed reading this story.
12/1/2017 c6 2blkwingangel
This was just so sweet! Loved it so much. I do love it when Doumeki goes after Watanuki.
12/7/2012 c6 otakunerd1
Oh my god this was so cute and perfect in so many ways. I can totally see doumeki giving up everything and anything for watanuki and to think even after forgetting he couldn't help but still be drawn to him it's just wonderful thank you for writing this!
7/23/2011 c6 6DattebayoUrie01
This is really nice.. Ah... I would always adore fics that ends with Doumeki able to be with Watanuki..or vice versa.. Teehee! 3

Hey, you! Author! Uhm.. good work! :D
7/31/2010 c6 1yue no rei
Ah this was a great read! I really liked the way things played out, especially with the "insurance" Shizuka had made even though it took him a few years!
7/31/2010 c3 yue no rei
Aww I felt so sorry for Himawari in this chapter, having such a nasty side effect from her burden _
4/4/2010 c6 alguien22792
aw this was so cute ^^

I really like the idea

Great job! XD
8/14/2009 c6 17yuMeNami
:) love it!
8/14/2009 c5 yuMeNami
i dont think watanuki will wear a glass slipper. hahaha..unless yuuko forced him. hahaha
7/6/2009 c6 alan is stupid
Aw. I liked this. Nice plot, and a good characterization of Doumeki. :)
7/26/2008 c6 Aaidurii
this fic is really good. great job on it ! =]
3/6/2008 c3 1Alstroemeriax
This reminds me of the movie Momento(sp?). I really like this fic alot =]
9/6/2007 c6 1vyravyra
...Nice.hehehe it was...sweet. Yay! bye bye.
9/2/2007 c6 6Sony Boy

this is the first story that I've seen that is like this. I like it. So Watanuki is now Yuuko's apprentice and small time wish granter.

GOing in the Faves.
8/22/2007 c6 29angelofplottwists
ah, it's finished! That made me happy. Even though Doumeki forgetting everything was depressong as all hell, your Watanuki was really fun and Himawari's significant hint amused me. So did Yuuko. And the end was good. So yes, good story. :D
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