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11/1/2007 c15 confusednikki24-7
great chapter! i loved it! their finally engaged! i'm happy...u made my day!
10/31/2007 c15 2dancegirl01mom
loved the graduation scene!
10/31/2007 c15 2wondergirl9879
ah! I love it. im really excited to see where you're taking the characters next! so good.
10/31/2007 c15 soumy
I just love your story.I'm so addicted to it that I'm checking every day to see if you published a new chapter.keep going dear.
10/31/2007 c15 harleyquinn2112
Did you add something to the graduation ceremony?

I love this chapter! Poor Harry, Ginny is mean to him :(

Happy Halloween!
10/31/2007 c15 18Dueler312
This has been one of the best chapters I've read in this story. :) Keep it coming.
10/31/2007 c15 4Emma Jane Weasley
best chapter yet! graduation made me tear up just a bit. the proposal was the best! super sweet! i loved pansy...:D that was porbably my favorite scene. can't wait to see what happens next!
10/31/2007 c15 40Historybuff1536
Grey button? Its purple on my computer! :P

hehe, anyway that was brillant, that bit at the end had me laughing so hard it hurt. :)
10/31/2007 c15 000000oooooo00000000
This was a cute chapter, I'm so glad they got engaged, and I liked seeing the reactions of everyone!
10/31/2007 c15 5keaneplay
That was a very nice chapter - I love that you made Harry give Ron and Hermione their Order of Merlin awards, very fitting.
10/30/2007 c15 jorgemtz88
Again it's me jmb88, but in the other account i have.

Great chapter let me tell you, i was glad to see that Harry finally proposed to Ginny and the graduation, it was great, i just can't wait to the wedding, that is going to be one of the best chapters of the fic and i'm sure many of your readers are waiting for that chapter. finally, the thing i didn't like was the attitude of ginny's brothers, but well, i can't complain at all, because that is the situation of many older brothers with theis sisters (i know that, because i have a younger sister).

the last thing i can said is congratulations! the fic is great and now i'm waiting for you to finish it so i can print it and have it ready to read it any time i want and while traveling.

i'll be waiting for the last chapter(s).

take care
10/26/2007 c14 confusednikki24-7
great chapter! i loved the length! i'm so glad that luna has someone now. and ginny and harry are getting a little close...lol...nice torture...i loved it...
10/25/2007 c14 Devatron2000
Hello anyway I liked chapter 13 and 14 and want 15 soon please
10/24/2007 c14 Nope.gif
If you want, I'll go over both chappies and get them to you.

Love the direction the story's going. Also, so glad you are one of few people who get Psychological terms right.

And I'll leave it at that.
10/23/2007 c14 3dolphingirl79
good story I will definately keep track of this one.

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